George Smith of International Emerald Exchange About Investing In Emeralds

In this interview, co-founder of International Emerald Exchange (IEEX) George Smith says it is essential to educate oneself about gemstones before investing in them. The young man exemplifies that it is not compulsory to be a gemmologist to obtain excellent knowledge and understanding

Didier Brodbeck and Hayley Henning Explore All The Mysteries That Surround Tanzanite in Their Book

What do you know about the precious stone tanzanite? Many respond to that question saying that they know basically nothing. In fact, this relatively new precious stone was only discovered in 1967. It has been found and mined in only one place on the planet: in the African nation of Ta

Graff Diamonds Unveils Largest Heart-shaped Diamond

Diamond faceting experts say that cutting the stones into heart shapes is far more complex than other forms, including brilliant, princess, emerald cut and others. Everyone has their own understanding as to what the perfect heart shape would be on a stone – some like a more oblong, wh

Collectible Gemstone: Precious Paraiba Tourmaline

The rare stone known as a Paraiba is the most valuable member of the Tourmaline family and its pride. Over the last three to four years the popularity of neon coloured stones has skyrocketed, and they’ve started to often sparkle in the high art jewellery pieces of world-famous houses.

The Sky Blue: a New Star on the Horizon for Blue Diamonds?

On 18 November Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Nobel Jewels auction is set to take place in Geneva. One of the most outstanding items is the Cartier ring with a 8.01-carat blue diamond, The Sky Blue. Generally speaking, because of the beauty and rarity of blue diamonds – which compri

Stunning Six: Important Sapphire Necklaces

Rulers from all the ages, from Cleopatra to Ivan the Terrible, from Alexander the Great to Mary Stuart, have tried to get the September stone: the precious sapphire, symbol of absolute power. The blue cornflower gem is often seen shining in crowns, sceptres, orbs and more commonly wor

Emerald Oiling: The Refining Process and Its Impact On Pricing    

It is human nature to strive for excellence, and this aspiration extends far beyond self-image. We strive to refine virtually everything created by Mother Nature, all that is beautiful in its own natural form – including gemstones. The richer the colour and the purer the mineral the b

Argyle Pink Diamond Shopping Guide

Have you ever wondered where you could confidently buy jewels incorporating Argyle pink diamonds? Let us help you, or, more precisely, let Rio Tinto, the Anglo-Australian corporation who have ethically managed the Argyle diamond mine since 1983, help you. The Argyle Pink Diamond brand

Important Diamonds: Rio Tinto Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender 2016

One of the most anticipated events on the ‘coloured diamond’ calendar is undoubtedly the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender held by Rio Tinto every year. The Anglo Australian miner has ethically managed the Argyle diamond mine, situated in the remote East Kimberley region of Western Australi

Two Incredible Diamonds Up For Sale At Sotheby’s

The Sotheby’s auction house never ceases to amaze with the sensational items it puts up for sale. Two lots, set to be sold in May and June, have already created a stir. The first is a pink diamond – The Unique Pink – the largest Fancy Vivid Pink-coloured pear shaped diamond to ever go