Jewellery Interpretations of Elephants

Who would have thought that elephants, large and somewhat clumsy animals, would look so graceful when embodied in the form of a jewel? No matter how many designers have imagined them and how many jewellers have crafted them in precious materials, masters have come up with their own original versions each time.

For example, take the ‘Space Elephant’ by Salvador Dali, wherein the artist embodied an elephant as a bold and extravagant piece of art – a long-legged surrealistic statue to be precise. Dali stepped aside from the real image of the animal as much as he possibly could. At the same time, there is a creation that is an absolute opposite in style – a titanium brooch by Wallace Chan, which was sold at Christie’s auction in 2007. It represents a miniature naturalistic copy of a baby elephant and his mother exquisitely created, highlighting all the details: the slightest wrinkles and folds on the skin of the animal as well as the skin’s grey colour.

There are abundant examples that show various ways to re-imagine the same object, in this case, the elephant. That is why I decided to put together a gallery of these mighty animals in the interpretation of contemporary jewellery artists and brands that work in myriad stylistic directions.KP