Basel 2017: An Exclusive Preview of The Masterpieces of Alessio Boschi

“It seems that whenever I create a collection based around Italy, people get instantly interested in it. I guess it is because being Italian my home country fascinates me. It holds over 50% of the worldwide art patrimony, which I am still discovering and so do my international c

14 Ideas for Him and for Her on Valentine’s Day

Giving jewellery to someone on Valentine’s Day can seem a bit banal, but there’s no present better than jewellery which have long been associated with romance, sentiment and something which will remind you of your passionate feelings forever. Practically every jewellery designer has a

5 Hot Jewellery Trends To Follow Right Now

Jewels are timeless, but with the appearance of the new movement of ‘fashion fine jewellery’ or haute bijouterie, their design has become more and more a reflection of current fashion trends. To find out what the trends are this winter season, I’ve watched the shows

Alessio Boschi’s Precious Journey Or How Jodhpur Inspired the Designer to Create Two Collections

Many jewellers have told me that they really get into the creative groove when travelling. Alessio Boschi is no exception. After a trip to Jaipur last year he was overflowing with ideas which poured out into two very different collections of jewellery inspired by India: Breakfast in J

‘Fine Jewellery Couture’ by Olivier Dupon – A Tribute to Contemporary Jewellery Artists

What makes a piece of jewellery valuable? If you have not yet decided what the answer to this question is, I suggest you read Olivier Dupont’s latest book, ‘Fine Jewellery Couture – Contemporary Heirlooms.’ Featuring contemporary jewellery artists and their work that is worth its weig

Alessio Boschi’s Latest Collection – an Ode to the Magnificent Fountains of Rome

Roman architecture is something you could admire for hours with its utterly charming intricacies and elaborate shapes. Songs and books have been written about the Italian capital, its spectacular vistas have been captured on canvas many times and, of course, its beauty has given a new

Precious Patterns: Arabesque Motifs in Jewellery Design

While searching for new creative ideas, jewellers often turn to architecture, namely its key shapes, decorative elements and intricate ornaments that are repeatedly reflected in jewellery design. One of the most common patterns that fascinated jewellery artists throughout the years is

The Birth of a Masterpiece: Alessio Boschi is Preparing to Take Basel by Storm

Baselworld watch and jewellery fair, considered by its participants to be possibly the most important single event of the year, is like a fight for the championship. All the pieces and collections presented at the exhibition are expected to stand out from the competition, surpass the

Alessio Boschi: My Creations are Designed to Amaze and Amuse

There are many delightful and charming jewels with mesmerising gemstones and amazing designs. However, those that are really able to spark curiosity, surprise us or even make us dream do not often, come in to view. Typically, these jewels are embellished with some extraordinary decora

Choose Your Jewellery Style: Rings Classification

  The ring is the only jewel we can admire without the help of a mirror, which might well explain why pretty much every woman wears one. Statement, eye-catching, modest, miniature, classic engagement rings, contemporary multi-finger rings or mid – finger rings – the choice