Power of Instagram Attracts Celebrity Jewellers and Exclusive Brands

In the beginning, Instagram social network functioned as an entertaining application that showcased a variety of photographs taken on a mobile phone. However, in the past few years, many a jewellery brand recognised its creative and business potential if they used Instagram in a cleve

An Unforgettable Jewellery Dinner With Anna Hu And Christie’s

During the Biennale des Antiquaires Paris turned into “the place to be”, where in addition to the prestigious exhibition invite-only jewellery presentations were also taking place. One such event was the annual Christie’s dinner dedicated to their Magnificent Jewels private sales. It

Katerina X HERSELF Art Project: Lula’s Holiday Jewels

Imagine that with a stroke of a brush (a virtual one) you could find yourself at any moment in time and anywhere in the world or have a chat with Marilyn Monroe, Frida Kahlo, Cate Blanchett and many other famous personas. Would you embark on such an adventure? While you are busy think

Collectors’ Stones: the Spessartite Garnet

When anyone mentions the word ‘garnet’, I am immediately transported back to the days of thumbing through my mother’s necklaces, my particular favourite of which was a thread of crimson garnets. Bearing in mind that these stones were not especially rare in Russia, I never imagined tha

Anna Hu Necklace Inspired by Monet

There is a term in the world of fashion which defines a high class designer: “couturier(e)”. However, I have yet to come across a word that can encapsulate the very best jewellery designers. So I would rightfully call those whose every creation is an objet d’art “jewellery artists”. A