The March Birthstone: Jewellery Celebrating The Beauty of Aquamarine

The first mention of the linkage of birth months with a specific, patron stone can be found in the works of Josephus, written in the first century AD, and of Saint Jerome, dating to the fifth century. However, according to historians, the custom of wearing a corresponding mineral was

Anna Hu: Jewellery Is a True Family Passion

Since childhood Anna Hu has been striving for excellence in everything she does. Starting off as a cello player, she reached unimaginable results and became one of the top musicians in Taiwan by the age of 18. However, destiny chose a different path for the young woman and after suffe

Power of Instagram Attracts Celebrity Jewellers and Exclusive Brands

In the beginning, Instagram social network functioned as an entertaining application that showcased a variety of photographs taken on a mobile phone. However, in the past few years, many a jewellery brand recognised its creative and business potential if they used Instagram in a cleve

An Unforgettable Jewellery Dinner With Anna Hu And Christie’s

During the Biennale des Antiquaires Paris turned into “the place to be”, where in addition to the prestigious exhibition invite-only jewellery presentations were also taking place. One such event was the annual Christie’s dinner dedicated to their Magnificent Jewels private sales. It

Katerina X HERSELF Art Project: Lula’s Holiday Jewels

Imagine that with a stroke of a brush (a virtual one) you could find yourself at any moment in time and anywhere in the world or have a chat with Marilyn Monroe, Frida Kahlo, Cate Blanchett and many other famous personas. Would you embark on such an adventure? While you are busy think

Collectors’ Stones: the Spessartite Garnet

When anyone mentions the word ‘garnet’, I am immediately transported back to the days of thumbing through my mother’s necklaces, my particular favourite of which was a thread of crimson garnets. Bearing in mind that these stones were not especially rare in Russia, I never imagined tha

Anna Hu Necklace Inspired by Monet

There is a term in the world of fashion which defines a high class designer: “couturier(e)”. However, I have yet to come across a word that can encapsulate the very best jewellery designers. So I would rightfully call those whose every creation is an objet d’art “jewellery artists”. A