The March Birthstone: Jewellery Celebrating The Beauty of Aquamarine

The first mention of the linkage of birth months with a specific, patron stone can be found in the works of Josephus, written in the first century AD, and of Saint Jerome, dating to the fifth century. However, according to historians, the custom of wearing a corresponding mineral was

Metal, Colour, Form: Iconic Collections With Textured Gold

For many jewellers gold and platinum is not an element of design but just a material used to make a setting for gem stones. However, not everyone agrees that precious metals should be used only as a functional element. Brands such as Buccellati, Grima, Julien Riad Sahyoun, Ornella Ian

Christmas Shopping Guide: Six Alternative Jewellery Gifts

The wheel of time is moving inexorably forwards. Before we know it, we’ll be celebrating Christmas and welcoming in the New Year. There are just a few weeks left until the holidays and so it’s already time to think about buying presents. If you still haven’t made any decisions, but yo

Buccellati and Giambattista Valli – High Fashion and High Jewellery Сombined

Over the course of a week of Haute Couture, jewellery houses presented their new collections of High Jewellery in boutiques, the Ritz hotel salons and mansions rented especially for the occasion. However, Buccellati took a different path. The Italian brand unveiled its latest pieces t

Spring – Summer 2016 Trends: Chunky vs Dainty Jewellery

Over the course of the last fashion season we have seen the jewellery at the shows getting bigger and bigger. Now we have reached the maximum look for statement necklaces with pendants covering your whole chest, earring expanding far beyond the size of the earlobe and cuff bracelets c

Winter fashion: Layering Necklaces and Sautoirs

The onset of the colder winter season dictates changes not just in fashion but in the accessories we wear, which, of course, includes our jewellery. Ok, maybe the arrival of winter does not change the way we style our rings and earrings, but choices of necklaces and pendants must adap

The Merge Of Two Art Forms: Jewellery Inspired By Paintings

Recently I have been interested in the trend for merging two different forms of art – jewellery and fine art – into some sort of new, unique jewellery-painting hybrid. Granted, it may not sound that great, but the results certainly look good. You may remember, for example, the work of

Buccellati Opera Collection: The Unveiling In Paris

The 6th July 2015 marked the release of Buccellati’s new Opera collection in Paris. The event was introduced with an advertising campaign produced by black-and-white photo master, Peter Lindbergh, with actress and philanthropist Elisa Sednaoui in the lead role. The grand unveiling of

Editorial: Flowers For Those Who Want To See Them

  There are always flowers for those who want to see them. – Henri Matisse   Idea: Katerina Perez Photographer: Tom Claisse @ Almakarina Photo Agency Styling: Karina Rikun & Katerina Perez Click on the image to enlarge Jewellery Descriptions 1. M