The Olfactory Spell of Perfume Jewels

In the repertoire of jewellery concealing a secret, none reconciles functionality and indulgence better than perfume bottle jewels. Present throughout history, they retain their appeal to jewellery designers up to this day. ‘Per Fumus’ or ‘through smoke’ is the Latin origin of the wor

‘Fine Jewellery Couture’ by Olivier Dupon – A Tribute to Contemporary Jewellery Artists

What makes a piece of jewellery valuable? If you have not yet decided what the answer to this question is, I suggest you read Olivier Dupont’s latest book, ‘Fine Jewellery Couture – Contemporary Heirlooms.’ Featuring contemporary jewellery artists and their work that is worth its weig

Caratell: An Artful Tradition of Handcrafted Jewellery

Singapore is known in the whole world for its extremely successful breakthrough in the economy, international financial companies and fast moving forward. However, this success has bypassed the jewellery industry since Singapore has but few qualified specialists and the cost of jewell

Katerina’s Choice: The Best Jewellery From COUTURE 2016

I love COUTURE for its cultural diversity and incredibly high concentration of talent per square metre. The focus of this gathering is to represent individuality and creativity. The participating designers and brands create original jewellery pieces by transposing their ideas into pre

Katerina’s Selection: Five Interesting Newcomers to COUTURE 2016

It’s just a few days left until the COUTURE SHOW exhibition, held annually in Las Vegas, begins in early June. Despite the fact that so many brands return to jewellery salon, there are always more new faces and new names at the event. This years newcomers proved to be rather impressiv