The March Birthstone: Jewellery Celebrating The Beauty of Aquamarine

The first mention of the linkage of birth months with a specific, patron stone can be found in the works of Josephus, written in the first century AD, and of Saint Jerome, dating to the fifth century. However, according to historians, the custom of wearing a corresponding mineral was

The Olfactory Spell of Perfume Jewels

In the repertoire of jewellery concealing a secret, none reconciles functionality and indulgence better than perfume bottle jewels. Present throughout history, they retain their appeal to jewellery designers up to this day. ‘Per Fumus’ or ‘through smoke’ is the Latin origin of the wor

5 Hot Jewellery Trends To Follow Right Now

Jewels are timeless, but with the appearance of the new movement of ‘fashion fine jewellery’ or haute bijouterie, their design has become more and more a reflection of current fashion trends. To find out what the trends are this winter season, I’ve watched the shows

Cartier Magician – A Compelling Book by the Art Historian Francois Chaille

The jewellery house Cartier was founded in Paris almost 170 years ago and has yet to lose any of its magic. By contrast with many other brands, it’s never slowed down and continues to develop from day to day, evidenced by the opening of new boutiques across the whole world. The brand’

10 Golden Rules Of Looking After Pearl Jewellery

The trend of wearing pearls has become especially popular in the past few seasons.  And so, jewellery with this sea mineral has appeared in the jewellery boxes of even those who earlier thought of it as old fashioned. Regardless of the type of jewellery, pearls require a certain type

Hidden Gems – All the Stories You Wanted to Hear, But Didn’t Know Who to Ask

Are you fascinated by jewels that go up for auction? Do you want to know their history, how they end up in the hands of the auctioneers, and why their owners decide to part with them? Do you ask yourself how auction houses come across extraordinary jewellery and if they immediately re

Highlight From Upcoming Bonhams Fine Jewellery Auction

Every year in the run up to Christmas the auction house Bonhams hosts a ‘jewellery lunch’ where those attending are served up not only exquisite food, but also pieces from the upcoming auction. This year the guests were invited to see lots from an auction of fine jewellery taking plac

F/W 2016 Trends: Haute Couture VS High Jewellery

Last week, I visited the Haute Couture exhibition, The Vulgar. The show, which runs until February 5 at the Barbican, London, offers visitors a chance to explore a wide range of fashion trends varying from the Renaissance style lush dresses to daring and utterly reckless accessories l

Precious Stroll Around Paris

Paris has always inspired people with artistic endeavours. However, the interpretation of its other name as La Ville Lumière could not be better rendered than through jewellery, with its emphasis on radiance, brilliance and the use of sculptural settings. The architectural formality o