Coco Avant Chanel – 11 New Sets Dedicated to Mademoiselle Chanel

During Paris fashion week in January 2017, the Coco Avant Chanel collection was perhaps the most magnificent of all the works of jewellery houses of Place Vendôme. Coco Chanel is the legendary woman who opened new style horizons not just in fashion and jewellery but also in life. She

5 Hot Jewellery Trends To Follow Right Now

Jewels are timeless, but with the appearance of the new movement of ‘fashion fine jewellery’ or haute bijouterie, their design has become more and more a reflection of current fashion trends. To find out what the trends are this winter season, I’ve watched the shows

10 Golden Rules Of Looking After Pearl Jewellery

The trend of wearing pearls has become especially popular in the past few seasons.  And so, jewellery with this sea mineral has appeared in the jewellery boxes of even those who earlier thought of it as old fashioned. Regardless of the type of jewellery, pearls require a certain type

16th Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève: Winning Watches

The award ceremony of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève is a prestigious annual event followed by every watch aficionado. Once a year, top players in the world of fine watchmaking gather under the same roof to celebrate the true art of horology, the combination of excellent crafts

Trends Special: Watchmaking Meets Fashion

Jewellery has been a timeless accessory for centuries but things changed when wristwatches came into the market in the early 20s. Soon, women began to pair their clothes with mesmerising watches encrusted with gemstones, and these watches became a must-have fashion accessory in high s

Trend Alert: 5 Fashionable Ways to Wear a Brooch

Brooch, which translates from the Celtic word ‘broc’ as needle, is an incredibly functional accessory. And this makes sense, as its distant ancestors – sharp pins – were used to fasten clothes since a while ago. Brooches have been the centre of attention by fashion designe

Les Blés de Chanel: A Rich Interpretation Of The Fashion House’s New Symbol

The camellia, the lion, the pearl, starts and ribbons – these symbols of the House of Chanel are well known. But there is yet one more significant symbol, with which Gabrielle Chanel surrounded herself with during her life: ears of wheat. Now, they too have been turned into luxury pie

5 Must-Have Summer 2016 Jewels

Jewellery has long since been more than just a load of classic designs. Nowadays, a oneupmanship between jewellers is commonplace, with many of them producing bold, new, daring trends, combining innovative forms, excellent technology and precious materials. Designers typically create

The Haute Five of Baselworld: Focus on Gem-Studded Watches

When watchmaking and creativity come together in the world of haute horlogerie, it inevitably results in the most inspiring marvels, sculpted amidst a world of unparalleled fantasy, and speckled with coloured gemstones and sparkling white diamonds. Now that Baselworld 2016 has wrapped

Baselworld 2016 Artfully Crafted Dials: the Focus of Watchmakers – Part I

Two months after SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, Geneva), the comparatively mammoth fair that is Baselworld just took place with 1500 exhibitors. This major rendez-vous for watch lovers from all over the world did not disappoint, and since each year the stakes get hi