Graff Diamonds Unveils Largest Heart-shaped Diamond

Diamond faceting experts say that cutting the stones into heart shapes is far more complex than other forms, including brilliant, princess, emerald cut and others. Everyone has their own understanding as to what the perfect heart shape would be on a stone – some like a more oblong, wh

Stunning Six: Important Sapphire Necklaces

Rulers from all the ages, from Cleopatra to Ivan the Terrible, from Alexander the Great to Mary Stuart, have tried to get the September stone: the precious sapphire, symbol of absolute power. The blue cornflower gem is often seen shining in crowns, sceptres, orbs and more commonly wor

5 Birds That Became Iconic Jewellery of Luxury Brands

Do you remember actress Uma Thurman’s antique Cartier bird brooch that was a head-turner at this year’s major fashion moment, the Met Gala? The diamond shoulder brooch in the shape of a peacock was crafted by Cartier way back in 1948. The platinum and white gold brooch, embellished wi

Diamond Trilogy. Part 2: Stunning Rings With Pink Diamonds

Even with the high parameters of ‘4C’ (colour, clarity, carat and cut) colourless diamonds cannot compete with their fancy “fellow contenders”, pink diamonds, which are so much rarer in nature and therefore are valued significantly higher. For every hundred thousand colourless diamond

The Haute Five of Baselworld: Focus on Gem-Studded Watches

When watchmaking and creativity come together in the world of haute horlogerie, it inevitably results in the most inspiring marvels, sculpted amidst a world of unparalleled fantasy, and speckled with coloured gemstones and sparkling white diamonds. Now that Baselworld 2016 has wrapped

A Look Back At 2015: Five of the Best Jewellery Watches

The New Year may have already arrived in style but that doesn’t mean we need to bid farewell to 2015 just yet, especially when the year has so much to offer by way of amazing jewellery and watch discoveries. So, before we turn to what is in store in the Year of the Monkey, let’s just

White Roses and Bright Shades of Precious Stones Dominated at Bonhams Lunch

In order to celebrate the upcoming Christmas holidays and to offer a private viewing of jewellery that will be auctioned in London on December 5, Bonhams auction house held a grand lunch for editors of print and online publications. The centre of the room was taken by a long table dec

Meet Rubellite – the Rare Variant of Tourmalines

October is one of the months blessed with two birthstones: opal and tourmaline. The opal has been on the peak of its popularity for a while now, with its bewitching bursts of colour, as if it has a firework exploding inside it – but I have written about this gem already. Tourmalines,

Toi Et Moi Ring From Past To Present

One thing you can guarantee about fashion trends is that they come and go, and here is one which has come bursting back to the forefront of high jewellery art – you will certainly have spotted it if you were at the Bienniale des Antiquaires. Toi et Moi, literally meaning ‘you and me’

Chime In To The Trend With Bejewelled Secret Watches

Design trends in horology to court this season are watches with concealed dials, marrying function and fashion. When jewellers-watchmakers step into gardens and look for colourful delicate blooms, explore the animal kingdom and scoop up handfuls of precious gemstones, you can be sure