The Year of the Rooster: Best Watch Novelties

According to the Chinese calendar, 2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster – the tenth sign of the Chinese calendar. It is celebrated by watch brands bringing out their best models featuring the magnificent bird. The Rooster embodies many strengths: civil courage, fighting spirit,

Stunning Six: Important Sapphire Necklaces

Rulers from all the ages, from Cleopatra to Ivan the Terrible, from Alexander the Great to Mary Stuart, have tried to get the September stone: the precious sapphire, symbol of absolute power. The blue cornflower gem is often seen shining in crowns, sceptres, orbs and more commonly wor

New York in Jewellery: Big Apple Through the Lense of Jewellery Designers

New York’s is a multi-faceted city, and has attracted creative types for decades. They come for its noisy streets, striking architecture and pulsing nightlife. Each artist sees the city through their own lense, and recreates that image in their work. And jewellers are just as likely t

Harry Winston Debuts The Sparkling Cluster Collection

The House of Harry Winston presents Sparking Cluster – an incredible new collection that once again reminds us of Mr Winston’s desire to make glittering celebrations even brighter with magnificent diamonds. Harry Winston first debuted its magnificent jewellery at a charity gala concer

Two Eponymous Jewellery Houses Launched Bridal Films for the Wedding Season

Love is in the air and the summer wedding season has just taken off amidst the sparkle of diamonds. Two of the most famous luxury jewellery brands –Harry Winston and Chaumet – have embarked on a creative journey and brought out a bridal film each, showcasing their gorgeous jewellery a

The Haute Five of Baselworld: Focus on Gem-Studded Watches

When watchmaking and creativity come together in the world of haute horlogerie, it inevitably results in the most inspiring marvels, sculpted amidst a world of unparalleled fantasy, and speckled with coloured gemstones and sparkling white diamonds. Now that Baselworld 2016 has wrapped

Baselworld 2016 Artfully Crafted Dials: the Focus of Watchmakers – Part II

When imagining the dials, a clear suggestion is that watchmakers opt for a type of craft that best serves their imagination and overcome any conceptual difficulties. This is possibly no better demonstrated than when dials present what looks like mathematically engineered patterns; a f

Leap Year Proposals: Choosing an Engagement Ring For Him

We all know that 2016 is a leap year. Having 29 days in February has been associated with many superstitions throughout the history. As per one belief, one should not start any construction work, buy a house, marry, have children or even celebrate their birthday! However, true love an

Necklace Types: 10 Different Choices to Wear Round Your Neck

The necklace is an eternal Red Carpet favourite, capable of not only completing a girl’s look but adding to it as well. The variety of different neck jewellery on offer is endless; it is the most intriguing and seductive detail of any outfit, often so spectacular and striking that the