Baselworld 2017: Stenzhorn to Bring Fairytale Jewellery to Exhibition

At last year’s Baselworld exhibitions there were not many jewellers whose pieces made a lasting impression. But among those who presented something striking to the public was the German company Stenzorn with The Noble Ones collection. It consisted of three High Jewellery necklaces wit

F/W 2016 Trends: Haute Couture VS High Jewellery

Last week, I visited the Haute Couture exhibition, The Vulgar. The show, which runs until February 5 at the Barbican, London, offers visitors a chance to explore a wide range of fashion trends varying from the Renaissance style lush dresses to daring and utterly reckless accessories l

Stenzhorn Presented A Symbolic Collection of High Jewellery The Noble Ones

Floral motifs are not uncommon in jewellery art but only four plants in this precious herbarium have become symbols of the seasons in Chinese culture. They have become the source of inspiration for the designers at Stenzhorn and have become the basis for their most recent collection o

Katerina X HERSELF Art Project: Lula’s Holiday Jewels

Imagine that with a stroke of a brush (a virtual one) you could find yourself at any moment in time and anywhere in the world or have a chat with Marilyn Monroe, Frida Kahlo, Cate Blanchett and many other famous personas. Would you embark on such an adventure? While you are busy think

Stenzhorn, Jewellery Inspired By Nature And Its Veritable Rainbow Of Colours

Stenzhorn is a major German jewellery house that has been embodying its jewellery with its own style for more than 35 years. Distinctive design, an original technique for setting stones, the romanticism of its jewellery forms and the constant release of new items arouses interest not

Katerina’s Choice: The Best Jewellery From COUTURE 2016

I love COUTURE for its cultural diversity and incredibly high concentration of talent per square metre. The focus of this gathering is to represent individuality and creativity. The participating designers and brands create original jewellery pieces by transposing their ideas into pre

The Couture Design Awards: A First-Hand Perspective

The annual Couture Design Awards, celebrating the best in jewellery design, took place this year 30th May, during the Couture Show. I was asked to present an award, so I am in the fortunate position of being able to tell you about the ceremony first hand. The ceremony is exclusively o

Baselworld 2015 Through Katerina Perez’ Eyes

On 26th March, Baselworld, the annual international jewellery and watch exhibition, closed its doors. I went along for the whole week, and it is no surprise that the most common question I’ve been recently asked has been “Katya, how was Basel?” So, to save me repeati

2014 Wrap-Up: Most Liked Photos on @katerina_perez Instagram

2014 has been abundant with jewellery discoveries: I had the pleasure of meeting new designers and learning about various brands. I visited many of the important jewellery fairs and was lucky to have feasted my eyes on a great variety of magnificent jewels. To share the joy of my disc

Assael and Stenzhorn dedicate collections to endangered species

When we see new jewellery pieces, usually the first question that comes to mind is: what was the inspiration? Whilst creating the collections this article is about, the designers weren’t influenced by beautiful flora and fauna, captivating architecture or romantic moments they’d exper