The March Birthstone: Jewellery Celebrating The Beauty of Aquamarine

The first mention of the linkage of birth months with a specific, patron stone can be found in the works of Josephus, written in the first century AD, and of Saint Jerome, dating to the fifth century. However, according to historians, the custom of wearing a corres

Metal, Colour, Form: Iconic Collections With Textured Gold

For many jewellers gold and platinum is not an element of design but just a material used to make a setting for gem stones. However, not everyone agrees that precious metals should be used only as a functional element. Brands such as Buccellati, Grima, Julien Riad

10 Golden Rules Of Looking After Pearl Jewellery

The trend of wearing pearls has become especially popular in the past few seasons.  And so, jewellery with this sea mineral has appeared in the jewellery boxes of even those who earlier thought of it as old fashioned. Regardless of the type of jewellery, pearls req

Power of Instagram Attracts Celebrity Jewellers and Exclusive Brands

In the beginning, Instagram social network functioned as an entertaining application that showcased a variety of photographs taken on a mobile phone. However, in the past few years, many a jewellery brand recognised its creative and business potential if they used

Precious Stroll Around Paris

Paris has always inspired people with artistic endeavours. However, the interpretation of its other name as La Ville Lumière could not be better rendered than through jewellery, with its emphasis on radiance, brilliance and the use of sculptural settings. The archi

5 Techniques To Get You Noticed On Instagram

There was a time when Instagram was merely a recreational app for users to publish photos from their lives. However, brands, jewellery houses included, have recognised the unbelievable business potential of the app and now even private jewellers are making use of I

Indian Glamour: Discover Mughal Jewellery Style and Jewellery-Making Techniques

Mughal emperors were rapturous, not to say rapacious, lovers of fine artistry and treasures. It was under their patronage that a concoction of Indian intricacies and Middle-Eastern elegance was formulated, giving birth to an unbridled legacy of jewelled crafts. It

10 Interesting Facts About Enamel And Enamel Jewellery

When it comes to modern manufacturers of fine jewellery you can say with confidence that enamel has not lost its relevance even to the modern day. This modern, ancient enamel keeps pace with the times and changes to meet the stylistic and technical demands of moder