Roberto Demeglio – All About Innovation

Different fashion trends and the desire to stay with the times are changing our attitude to how we wear jewellery. It has ceased to be an adornment for special occasions and is becoming more and more part of everyday life. This explains why the modern woman not onl

Nikolay Romanov: A Love For Nature And A Love For Abstraction

Regular readers of the site know all about my love for uncovering new names for the wider public, especially when it comes to the country in which I was born – Russia. This can be both new stars in the jewellery universe, as well as existing craftsmen, who possess

Jewellery Debut: Nadine Aysoy and Her Joyful Jewellery

When a jewellery designer has real charisma, it’s reflected in their work. This is exactly the case with Nadine Aysoy: the creations are just as chic and striking as the creator herself. On the one hand, Nadine is a new name on the jewellery horizon as she only sta

Jewellery Travels: Beirut’s Best Jewellers Through the Eyes of Katerina Perez

Have you ever asked yourself what Lebanese jewellery is like? What characterises it? Do its features reflect elements of national custom and tradition? And if so, how? These are the questions which I hope to find answers to when I visit the workshops and boutiques

Master Exclusive’ Precious Animal Sanctuary

Nature is not only the most talent artist, but it is also the best inspiration for any creative individual. Flora and fauna have been reflected in jewellery since the time when people wore tiger teeth or an animal paw around their necks to absorb the animal’s agili

MOKSH – Jewellery from India with a Contemporary Twist

Milan Chokshi, the founder of the Indian jewellery brand Moksh, stated that he believes “it is in the detail that you find pure luxury. It is the least obvious design elements that forge graceful and stylish haute couture jewellery.” That phrase alone reflects the

Five Debutants of 2016 to Watch in 2017

As 2017 has now arrived, the time has come to bid goodbye to the year of the Monkey and reflect on 2016. Over the last twelve months five star newcomers have glittered in the jewellery universe. They all have different styles, but are all equally deserving of our i

Best of 2016: TOP10 Instagram Accounts

Instagram is one of the three most widely used social networks, and in the jewellery industry it has long superseded Facebook and Twitter. This application has a rich visual range, it’s easy to use, requires minimal information about the user and is not excessively

Nadia Morgenthaler: The Beauty of the Unconventional

Sometimes it seems to me that in each city you can find an unusually talented jeweller who works with private clients and does not seek publicity. Typically, this is an independent artist who creates rare works of art of museum quality from metal and precious stone

Immerse Yourself in the Magical World of Nature with HETING

Amidst all the jewellery in the world, the pieces that stand out tend to resemble miniature works of art. Their sophisticated design is simply mesmerising and you, under hypnosis, fiddle with the jewels, viewing them from all sides and admiring them greatly. These