Five Debutants of 2016 to Watch in 2017

As 2017 has now arrived, the time has come to bid goodbye to the year of the Monkey and reflect on 2016. Over the last twelve months five star newcomers have glittered in the jewellery universe. They all have different styles, but are all equally deserving of our i

Best of 2016: TOP10 Instagram Accounts

Instagram is one of the three most widely used social networks, and in the jewellery industry it has long superseded Facebook and Twitter. This application has a rich visual range, it’s easy to use, requires minimal information about the user and is not excessively

Nadia Morgenthaler: The Beauty of the Unconventional

Sometimes it seems to me that in each city you can find an unusually talented jeweller who works with private clients and does not seek publicity. Typically, this is an independent artist who creates rare works of art of museum quality from metal and precious stone

Immerse Yourself in the Magical World of Nature with HETING

Amidst all the jewellery in the world, the pieces that stand out tend to resemble miniature works of art. Their sophisticated design is simply mesmerising and you, under hypnosis, fiddle with the jewels, viewing them from all sides and admiring them greatly. These

Meet Antonio Seijo – a Jeweller with a Philosophical Approach to Design

When I entered Antonio Seijo’s showroom in Geneva, the first thing I noticed was a large canvas on the wall depicting a tree with jewellery hanging of the branches instead of leaves. It was then that I realised that I was witnessing the work of an outstanding jewel

Suzanne Syz: Welcome to the Purple Boudoir

I was recently in Geneva and couldn’t resist a visit to Suzanne Syz – a designer who creates pieces with humour, but only out of the most ‘serious’ materials. Suzanne’s showroom resembles a violet kingdom where works of art like George Nelson’s famous ‘Marshm

Avakian Jewellery – a Fusion of Western Design with a Luxuriant Eastern Style

In three years’ time the Swiss brand Avakian will celebrate a landmark date – its fiftieth anniversary. Its jewellery enjoys popularity throughout the world both amongst jewellery collectors, Royalty, business leaders as well as stars of show business, on a par wit

Chateau Euphorie – The Jewels That Delight

Paris is a city of discovery, and having visited it once again I became acquainted with a relatively new and highly promising jewellery brand named Chateau Euphorie. The brand’s high jewellery creations of exemplary quality and extraordinary design fascinated me so

Yael Designs – Jewellery Adorned With Stones In All Colours Of The Rainbow

As a rule, several hundred exhibitors participate at the major jewellery exhibition, Luxury by JCK. How do you stand out amongst them? For me, the best person to answer this question is the founder of Yael Designs, Yehouda Saketkhou. It was the jewellery presented

Success Story: Fei Liu Is Announced Designer of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards

There are a number of examples in history where great people are recognised far later than they ought to have been. And the jewellery world is no exception. Such is the case for the Asian jewellery designer Fei Liu who, for eleven years, has been creating dazzling