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“I discovered jewellery at the age of three. Influenced by the artistic tendencies of my parents (my mother restored paintings and my father worked with antique furniture), I have always been inspired by craftsmanship and creativity, finding my artistic niche in the world of jewellery. Now, I don’t just love it. I live it.”


Jewellery insider Katerina Perez is a specialist with professional knowledge and insight of the industry. Since training as a gemmologist at The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A), Russian-born London-based Katerina has worked as a freelance journalist and content editor since 2011. She has written articles in both English and Russian for VO+, Robb Report and Kommersant, amongst others. Since founding her website in 2013, Katerina has championed the work of talented jewellers across the globe, from established brands to fledgling designers whom she has personally scouted.

Katerina’s mark on the industry has so far been recognised in her appointment as a judge on the panel for one of the world’s most renowned jewellery competitions (Couture, Las Vegas), as well as her invitations to give educational talks by The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and hold seminars at International Jewellery London (IJL), rated as the fair’s top events for 3 consecutive years running. In March 2017, Katerina helped raised funds for Action for Children, offering a jewellery consultation as a lot in their charity auction.

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“Fine jewellery and precious gemstones truly represent the beauty of human expression. The time and effort spent on designing fine jewellery pieces and fashioning gemstones gives them a weight, a deeper meaning that cannot be attained by accessories which go in and out of fashion. They are an exceptional form of artistic endeavour, one which merits the same admiration and ubiquity as music, fashion or painting; fine jewellery is no different to fine art in how unaffordable it can be, but there is no reason why it cannot be enjoyed in the same way.”

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