Darvol: I help clients create a collection of heirloom jewellery

Darvol is a jewellery brand founded in 2013 by Darya Volkova, which has established itself in the investment jewellery market in this short time. This is all thanks to its founder: a driven and purposeful Muscovite who has made a vocation from seeking out rare gemstones. Darya is always ready and prepared to travel last minute to every corner of the earth for investment grade gemstones, and is always augmenting her knowledge of gemmology.

Personally, I consider Darvol to be one of a few specialist brands that is able to offer rare gems to order; and not only does the brand offer these at an attractive price, but also generously impart upon the client’s knowledge about alternative investment.

Darya Volkova

The majority of jewellery companies that work with investment grade stones tend to focus on rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds – while Darya suggests paying special attention to Brazilian Paraíbas, Padparadscha sapphires, and even a gem that is listed among the 10 rarest in the world: red beryl. There is a 1.32 carat specimen of this gemstone in the Darvol collection, and the brand claims with absolute confidence that it is the only investment worthy 'red emerald' on the Russian market at present.

Another star of the brand’s collection is a reddish-pink rubellite with an enormous 16 carat weight. This type of tourmaline is more commonly a pink hue, so well-pronounced red tones suggest high investment potential for collectors.

Of course, no collection of high jewellery art can succeed without an important emerald. One Darvol ring contains a bright green 5.70 carat Colombian gem, possessing a green fire in the depths of the stone that does not cease to burn even in dimming light, as day turns to night.

Darvol ring with Colombian emerald and diamonds

It's unquestionable that gems with rare characteristics and optical qualities are both amazingly beautiful, and amazingly valuable! The more you understand the stones, the more obvious this fact becomes. Moreover, no commodity or currency can boast such a large number of advantages all at once: the ability to be exchanged for cash, financial support for various occasions, and solid investment for any chosen period.

“Investment stones are not only a serious investment but a long-term one, and therefore I opted for classic design features as the principal style choice. They will always be relevant and do not depend on the whims of fashion, which can be momentary and even flighty. My goal is always to help clients create their own collection of family jewels, which can become heirlooms,” says Darya.

Darvol ring with oval Paraiba tourmaline and diamonds

Darvol is still a young jewellery brand in comparison to many world renowned jewellery companies, but it has two undeniable, indelible advantages above others: adaptability to clients needs and a respectable reputation. What’s more, the brand stands out in the Russian jewellery market because of its modern approach to sales and customer communication. Darya keeps a finger on the pulse of consumer behaviour trends, seeking to meet the needs and demands of her 21st century clientèle as much as possible.

Darvol necklace with yellow and colourless diamonds

Interestingly, the brand was established 5 years ago starting with the Instagram account @_darvol_. Today the company is represented in Russia (both Moscow and St. Petersburg,) Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Sri Lanka, and of course, all over the world thanks to its Instagram account. Darya chose to promote Darvol on Instagram because of the 500 million daily users who access this platform. Across several accounts, brand’s founder and her team advertise the Darvol gemstones and jewellery, as well as sharing generous amounts of interesting and useful information about gems. Davol photos, videos and captions are not done in a studio, and allow their followers to glimpse the 'here and now' of the brand’s activities. Such a conscientious approach to the presentation of new content brings the brand much closer to the consumer - rendering its jewellery more accessible and more desirable.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that any stone which the brand acquires must pass through a multi-level laboratory testing process to prove its authenticity, quality and mining history before the arrangement of any meeting with a client. Darvol cares deeply about customer care, and of course about the confidentiality of any transaction.

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