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Inspiring and original, is a bilingual online jewellery platform for international jewellery aficionados. The website provides wide-ranging independent editorial coverage focused on various aspects of fine jewellery. Unique content is uploaded several times a week, with stories ranging from announcements of brands’ new collections, jewellery focused events, reports from major exhibitions to shopping guides and trend overviews. All of this is made possible thanks to the wonderful Katerina Perez team...

Katerina Perez, Founder and Editor-In-Chief

With more than 12 years’ experience in the jewellery sector, Katerina’s expert knowledge spans everything from retail sales and management to content creation, including brand building, jewellery writing and styling. Born and raised in St Petersburg, Katerina’s favourite hobby as a child was playing with the treasures in her grandmother's jewellery box, inspiring a lifelong love of jewellery from a very early age. She spent five years in St Petersburg University of Culture and Arts studying not journalism but business studies and languages, and her writing skills have developed as her passion for her favourite subject – jewellery – has grown. This is why her writing comes straight from the heart rather than the pages of a book. Daughter of an entrepreneur mother, Katerina exchanged her retail management job for jewellery writing in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since.


Fun fact: Katerina is Russian, her husband is French with a Spanish surname and their son is British by birth. A truly multinational family.

Hirshi Sujanti, Personal Assistant

Raised in Jaipur, renowned as the gemstone capital of the world, Hirshi was steeped in the allure of jewellery and gemstones from childhood. Beginning her career in marketing for luxury jewellery brands in India, she soon realized her true calling lay in the art of storytelling. This epiphany led her to embark on freelance projects as a ghostwriter for an Indian fashion brand and a publication house. Notably, she penned an insightful article on the ‘Renaissance of Men's Jewellery’ for an Indian magazine. Drawn to Katerina's incredible journey and eager to learn and grow under Katerina's mentorship, Hirshi seeks to deepen her understanding of the industry and refine her storytelling skills, aspiring to make a meaningful impact in the world of jewellery.


Fun fact: She keeps a secret stash of chocolates hidden in various places around her house, just in case of a chocolate emergency.




Paula Vysovska, Social Media and Partnerships Manager

Paula’s interest in luxury and social media began in late 2017 with the start of her first job at Club Monaco. Working with luxury goods and high-end clientele caused her love for the luxury industry to grow exponentially. Her first break into social media was as Fashion & Lifestyle Content Creator, which she treated as her favourite hobby while she was still studying at school. Even though she managed to build a profile, she decided to instead go full force into pursuing a professional career in the Marketing industry. The transition into this career path was a natural choice for her. She has been working in the industry for over 4 years and has spent every day since feeling like her work is her passion, not just “another job or project”.

Fun Fact: Paula has a multi-national upbringing! She was born in New York and lived in the States for the majority of her childhood. Her family eventually moved back to their roots, to Slovakia, where she enjoyed her early teens. Later in life, she moved to London, where she spent her late teens and early twenties.


Sarah Jordan, International Editor

Starting her career as a journalist, Sarah discovered the world of fine jewellery in 2014 when she began working as a magazine editor for a jewellery retail magazine in London. Since going freelance, Sarah has specialised in content writing, editing and branded storytelling for a range of businesses, including De Beers Jewellery, Sotheby’s, the Natural Diamond Council and Gem-A (Gemmological Association of Great Britain). She is also the founder of her own specialist copywriting business, The William Agency. Sarah has completed courses at both De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and is well-versed in the language of high jewellery and the history of jewellery design movements. She has known Katerina for many years and shares her vision of helping even more women fall in love with fine jewellery… one gemstone at a time!

Fun fact: Sarah has a passion for birds and is always trying to take note of the birds she sees on her travels.


Livia Primo Lack, Managing Editor

Having worked in the luxury goods industry in the UK, US, Switzerland, Spain, France and Italy, Watches & Jewellery journalist and content creator Livia Primo Lack has covered all matters when it comes to luxury jewels and timepieces. Through her strong background in the editorial world, writing for Tatler Magazine, Vanity Fair London, Vogue India, Net-a-Porter, the Natural Diamond council, as well as many other esteemed publications, Livia has developed a keen eye for up-and-coming new designers as well as for exciting innovative work by iconic brands. Having joined the team, Livia loves the personal and familiar style of the Katerina Perez platform, spreading the love of jewellery to all who wish to learn more about it.


Fun fact: The only thing Livia loves more than jewels are dogs. She cannot pass one without asking for a little cuddle!


Aleksandra Baidina, Creative Editorial and Social Media Assistant

Aleksandra knew that she wanted to work in media while she was still at school in St Petersburg. Following her heart, she studied marketing at the Higher School of Printing and Media Technologies of St Petersburg State University, where she engaged in promotional campaigns on social networks and advertised the various institutions she worked at. After graduation, she enhanced her professional knowledge by attending courses in management, content creation and advertising, as well as completed an internship at one of the largest marketing agencies in St Petersburg. She then spent several years at a marketing agency, where she gained experience in working with top brands as well as managing a creative team. Aleksandra has been a valued team member since March 2020. "My acquaintance with Katerina led me to the world of high jewellery art - a new and truly fascinating area in which I am excited to implement my skills," she says.


Fun fact: Aleksandra loves tea ceremonies and collects handcrafted porcelain. She also plays the piano and guitar and composes electronic music.


Julia Matvienko, Video Editor

For over five years now, Julia’s sudden hobby has evolved into an official occupation. In 2017, she embarked on her creative journey in the realm of shooting and editing videos. With her own personal vision, creative thinking, and refined taste, Julia began receiving collaboration offers from bloggers around the world. Thanks to her fruitful work with various client requests, she solidified her skills as a specialist. In early 2023, Julia became part of team, where she expresses her creative potential through high jewellery and precious stones. She doesn’t stand still, constantly learning new things and honing her skills in different areas to be as multifaceted as a diamond.

Fun fact: Julia believes that her dance moves in the kitchen are a real contribution to the world of culinary science - she creates “recipes through dance”. Once, she developed her own secret ice cream recipe, which her friends declared the best in town!

Helena Blanchet, Community Manager

Helena is a High Jewellery and Client Experience specialist who has gained years of experience in the field while working with leading high jewellery companies in the UK and France. She is fascinated by gems, exquisite craftsmanship and never-ending creativity in the jewellery industry. Helena is always keen to learn and discover new things in jewellery and beyond.


Fun fact: Helena is absolutely obsessed with rings and glyptic art, so they have become the focus of attention on her personal Instagram.

Natalia Belobrovik, Graphic Designer

Natalia entered the field of graphic design in 2015 when she realised that her background in logistics couldn’t satisfy her creative ambitions. She shifted her qualifications, and by 2018, she had secured a teaching position helping students brush up on their web design skills at an established online school. Natalia has developed branding materials and completed graphic design tasks for psychologists, confectioners, beauty salons, fitness professionals, interior designers, restaurants and many others. In May 2021, she joined and plunged into the remarkable world of precious jewellery. She loves her job because it challenges her creativity, tests her skills, and gives her the opportunity to develop.

Fun fact: Natalia collects thimbles from different cities and countries, and she’s also a cat lover.


Claire Roberts, Newsletter Editor&SEO Specialist

Claire Roberts joined the company in 2020. Her immersion into the industry happened quite by chance when she applied for a job editing a magazine that specialised in jewellery and watches. By the time she had returned from her first trip to the Baselworld fair in Switzerland, she was hooked. Following seven years as managing editor of The Jewellery Editor, Claire left to become a freelance journalist specialising in jewellery, during which time she has edited Graffiti magazine for Graff and worked with several other Bond Street brands. Based in Oxfordshire, Claire has been writing about jewellery and watches for more than 20 years but still gets excited when one of her favourite designers launches a new collection. Her ultimate dream jewel is a gobstopper-sized Paraiba tourmaline ring. 


Fun fact: Claire loves words and once read the entire Oxford English Dictionary for pleasure!

Rachael Taylor, Contributing Writer

Rachael Taylor is a British freelance jewellery journalist and regular contributor to a wealth of titles across the globe including  The  Financial  Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, Condé Nast, Retail Jeweller, Katerina Perez and Rapaport, at which she is currently acting editor. Rachael is a sought-after speaker, industry consultant and judge at prestigious jewellery competitions including the UK Jewellery Awards and The Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council Awards. She is also the author of two books on jewellery, The Story Behind the Style: Cartier and The Story Behind the Style: Tiffany & Co.


Fun fact: Rachael is a great cook, a fairly proficient ice skater, can remember the lyrics to every song she's ever heard and loves to cycle absolutely everywhere.


Simon Martner, Turi Lovik Kirknes, Ksenia Usacheva and ReanArt for the beautiful photos created for this website.

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