de GRISOGONO presents the largest flawless diamond ever auctioned at Christie’s

Newly released pieces by de GRISOGONO have always merited the extraordinary excitement they have generated in the jewellery world. This time, it was The Art of de GRISOGONO necklace, adorned with the largest internally flawless diamond ever to be offered at auction, which is causing a stir. On 14 November, the necklace, with its 163.41 carat D-colour IIA diamond, shall finally acquire an owner under the hammer at Christie’s.

The fine jewellery house de GRISOGONO, founded by Fawaz Gruosi in 1993, works on the basis of three principles: craftsmanship, innovation and creativity. In anticipation of the brand’s 25th anniversary, its founder has decided to create a collection featuring the very largest flawless diamonds, boasting ideal cuts and symmetries, which have been collected over the course of many years. The first unique jewel of its kind in this series was the transformable necklace with the “4 de Fevereiro” diamond, a stone of the most incredible clarity.

404 carats rough diamond mined in Angola


Weighing 404 carats before it was cut and added to a necklace, the stone was found in February 2016 at the Lulo mine in the Lunda Sul province of Angola. It became the 27th biggest diamond in the world as well as the biggest of those ever to be found in Angola. Of course, finding the best way to cut such a rare stone wasn’t an easy task, so cutting specialists from both Antwerp and New York took part in the process of transforming this uncut stone into a diamond. In Belgium, the craftsmen studied the stone’s structure, whilst in the US, 10 top specialists undertook the diamond cutting. The first step was made by an 80 year old stone cutter who split the stone into two parts on 29 June 2016. Work then continued for another 11 months, and by the end of December 2016, it was ready for sale.

163.41 carat D - flawless faceted diamond

Fawaz Gruosi acquired this extraordinary stone and continued to work on it in his Geneva workshop. Just imagine: 50 different prototypes of design were developed for the eventually realised 163.41 carat diamond! At the beginning of February 2017, the decision was made to create an asymmetrical necklace with the “4 de Fevereiro” diamond in the centre. On the left-hand side, it is decorated with 18 emerald-cut diamonds positioned one beside the other; on the right-hand side, there are two rows of pear-shaped emeralds that provide a fresh contrast to the cold white of the diamonds. Fawaz Gruosi believes that green is a symbol of luck, and so emeralds are afforded a prime position in his collections.

The Art of de Grisogono necklace with 163 cts D-colour flawless diamond

The emeralds are set so perfectly that the gold between them is barely visible. To strengthen this impression, the craftsmen have also adopted the chiaroscuro technique to darken the metal, something which is a typical characteristic of de GRISOGONO jewellery. The claw setting that holds the central 163.41 diamond is concealed by 4 baguette diamonds that add an extra glow. On the reverse of the setting, there are also diamonds engraved within the precious metal, adding the weight of the dazzling pendant.

The Art of de Grisogono bracelet with 163 cts D-Flawless diamond

It took approximately 1,700 hours to create The Art of de GRISOGONO necklace. The work was carried out by a team of 14 expert jewellers, known for their artistry and love for perfecting every detail. To allow the future owner to “bring this diamond into the light” more often, the necklace has been designed in such a way that - with the help of a special instrument - the stone can be removed from the necklace and placed in the centre of a wide bracelet. This isn’t at all complicated; to transform one piece of jewellery into another doesn’t require the assistance of a jeweller.

This masterpiece, crafted by hand with the help of mother nature, is being proudly displayed by the auction house Christie’s with preliminary viewings taking place in Hong Kong, London, Dubai, New York and Geneva. The necklace will be put up for auction on 14 November in Geneva at the Magnificent Jewels auction at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues.

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