Jewellery Editorial: Bejewelled Tea Party – Part 1

Idea: Katerina Perez & Kirill Budvejser // Photographer: Kirill Budvejser // Food Stylist: Diana Nagornaya // Jewellery Stylist: Katerina Perez

Who does not like tea parties? I am sure you’d agree that a cup of tea tastes much better with a dessert. Having gathered my girlfriends at a lovely cafe with an exquisite décor, we decide to order a cup of tea. We sat comfortably at a table by the window, enjoying the glorious sunshine streaming in through glass. Ivory porcelain cups and ornate silver spoons were arranged neatly on the snow-white tablecloth. We wondered: ‘What should we have for dessert? Some plain cakes or some not so plain jewels?’

While in Moscow, I imagined such a tea party together with photographer Kirill Budvejser and culinary stylist Diana Nagornaya. How did our imaginary tea party go? I have some delightful photographs to share with you. KP

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1. Ilgiz F. Iris earring with enamel, diamonds and rose quartz (by appointment only +7 903 661-23-20); 2. ICHIEN ‘The Birth of Pink Planet” ring with rose quartz, multicoloured sapphires, topaz, amethyst and diamonds (by appointment +7 495 640-93-10) ; 3. Ekaterina Kostrigina earrings with green tourmalines and diamonds (Moscow, Ohotny Ryad st, 2 – Modniy Sezon Shopping Mall, 1st floor); 4. Mousson Atelier Buggs earrings with purple sapphires and diamonds (Moscow, Bolshoy Kozikhinskiy alley, 7/2, office 12); 5. Inbar rose gold ring with moonstone and diamonds (available at Ambassad jewels, Vremena Goda Shopping Mall, Kutuzovsky prospect, 48, Moscow); 6. Marco earrings with kunzites 33,18 cts(available at Ambassad jewels, Vremena Goda Shopping Mall, Kutuzovsky prospect, 48, Moscow); 7. Sasonko Ballet Cocktail necklace with an 16.32 cts aquamarine and vitrage enamel ( «Mikhailov Gallery», Bolshaya Dmitrovka st., Moscow).