Christmas 2023: Luxury Gifts Inspired by Jewellery and Gemstones

‘Tis the season to gift the jewellery lover in your life an extra special present. In the sea of luxury jewels available, let’s look at the best jewellery-themed presents available this festive season. From exquisitely crafted handbags made in the image of iconic jewellery pieces to high heels set with impressive gemstones, here are some definite winners for all lovers of gems and jewels.

Tiffany & Co. X Daniel Arsham Limited Edition T1 Bracelet and Sculpture

In its latest creative partnership with New York-based contemporary artist Daniel Arsham, Tiffany & Co. has taken inspiration from the artist’s Venus of Arles Sculpture to create a T1 bracelet that comes with a mixed medium bust of Arsham’s creation. This creative pairing of products comes in a limited edition of 186 sets, in honour of the 186th anniversary of the Tiffany & Co. brand. The T1 bracelet is crafted in white gold and set by hand with one hundred and five diamonds totalling over one carat and more than 74 tsavorites totalling over two carats. Arsham’s ‘Future Relics’ bust boasts both the colour of the sculpture’s patina and the Arsham Studio colour.

Foundrae x Carl Auböck Snake Bookends

Founder and designer of the Foundrae jewellery brand Beth Bugdaycay is known for creating pieces of jewellery that are packed with holistic properties and sentiments. As her brand grew, Bugdaycay noticed the importance of her home as her creative inspiration, in her own words: “I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a home. For me, it boils down to what is contained in the home: the energy, the spirit, the love”. With this in mind, Bugdaycay has designed a series of useful, practical, beautiful, meaningful and above all storied luxury objects to uplift and elevate the home. In collaboration with The Carl Auböck Workshop based in Vienna, Foundrae has launched the Snake Bookends, inspired by the Snake Bookends rings and the extensive library at the Foundrae flagship launched in 2021. The snakes wrap around the book spines, making them visible and creating beauty from all angles whilst being completely functional.

Foundrae x Carl Auböck Snake Bookends

Kimberley McDonald’s Signature KMD Puzzles 

New York-based jewellery designer Kimberley McDonald launched her eponymous brand in 2007, with a desire to bring her love of jewellery and gemstones to the world through unique wearable creations. In an extension of her passion, McDonald has launched her Signature KMD Puzzles, a series of challenging yet gorgeous one-thousand-piece puzzles that will provide fun for the whole family this holiday season. The puzzles come in three patterns: Malachite, Signature Geode Cuff, or Matrix Opal, and each one is more opulent and colourful than the next.

Maison Romae Birthstone Candles

If you love keeping up to date with the ongoings of the jewellery industry, then you most likely follow jewellery journalist Eléonor Picciotto, who has now launched her jewellery brand Maison Romae, in honour of her love of gems and jewels. After years of travel to Tuscon, Las Vegas, Bangkok and Strasbourg for annual gem fairs, Picciotto decided to create a brand that celebrates her love of Lithotherapy, which is the practice of using crystals and stones as a therapy method for healing. Maison Romae offers a selection of 12 candles inspired by the birthstone chart, through which each month is linked to one or more gems that provide unique properties such as healing, love and positive energy. Each candle is made from vegetable wax, which when burned down, reveals a unique gem hidden beneath the wax’s surface. Each of these gems can weigh up to four carats and was hand-picked by Picciotto.

Maison Romae Birthstone Candles featuring loose gemstones hidden beneath the wax surface

Misahara x Jeffrey Levinson Clutch

Founded in 2023, jewellery brand Misahara’s celebrated clean lines and diamond pavé chain jewels are now available in a truly unique way. In collaboration with handbag designer Jeffrey Levinson, the two creators have fashioned their take on Levinson’s Finley Clutch bag. A project that celebrates beauty and luxury, this customizable bag features as its strap Misahara’s signature Chain City necklace, which can be detached and worn as a 14k gold and diamond necklace. A sleek and elegant clutch, as well as a modern statement necklace all at once, the duality of this luxury fashion accessory makes it the perfect holiday present.

Patcharavipa Grid Dice

Thai jewellery designer Patcharavipa has a unique way of creating lavish yet effortless pieces of jewellery that provide a much-needed dose of artistic freshness. On occasion, she extends this glow-up of the mundane to household objects, such as fridge magnets or even a lighter case. One of her most recent creations is a set of grid dice, created from Siam gold vermeil and features 3.4-carats of ruby and 1.87-carats of onyx. Sold as a pair, these beautiful and purposeful objects are either to be displayed as luxurious ornamental decorations or to be used in any game the owner sees fit.

Patcharavipa Grid Dice in Siam gold vermeil, features 3.4-cts of ruby and 1.87-cts of onyx

Suzanne Kalan X Jonathan Adler Jewellery Trays

American jewellery designer Suzanne Kalan (who’s nicknamed the ‘queen of baguettes’ for her creations which heavily feature this gem cut) has collaborated with interior design artist Jonathan Adler on a series of porcelain trays. Kalan and Adler have created these trays to be the focal point of any room by mixing metallic colours with contrasting warm and cool enamel tones. For Adler: “I like to think of my products as jewellery for your home, so working with a jewellery designer as fabulous as Suzanne Kalan to create this custom tray was a total no-brainer”. Each tray features Kalan’s unique style of irregularly placed baguette gemstones, a continuation of her Fireworks jewellery collection.

Le Vian X Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heel

In a dazzling ode to the December birthstone tanzanite, famous women’s shoe designer Stuart Weitzman has partnered with Eddie Le Vian of the prestigious LeVian jewellery brand to create a one-of-a-kind pair of high heels that feature 85 carats of tanzanite and 28 carats of diamonds. With a base frame of platinum and white gold, these shoes are the epitome of wealth, luxury and trailblazing high jewellery, as they combine two of a woman’s favourite things – high jewellery and heels. Let’s also not forget the back of the shoe, where the 4.5-inch heel is encrusted with 595 carats of Kwiat diamonds. These outstanding creations are for the Cinderella in your life!

Le Vian X Stuart Weitzman one of a kind pair of Tanzanite Heels in platinum, white gold, feature 85-cts of tanzanite and 28-cts of diamond

As you can see, there is no shortage of jewellery-inspired gifts this year. Each of the products above have a love of gems and jewels at the heart of their designs, making any one of them a great gift for a jewellery lover this holiday season. Which one will you pick? Let us know!

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