Jewellery Editorial: Bejewelled Tea Party – Part 3

Idea: Katerina Perez & Kirill Budvejser // Photographer: Kirill Budvejser // Food Stylist: Diana Nagornaya // Jewellery Stylist: Katerina Perez

Ah, summer! It’s time for bright colours, juicy fruits, joyful moments and…playful jewels. When I am on an enticing trip, I like to move away from the well-known tourist paths and explore the hidden treasures of the city. This time, I came across a cute little bakery that opened its doors for me – welcoming me in and coaxing me to indulge in some mouth-watering delights. A tablecloth that borrowed its hues from delicious coffee, a tiered cake smothered in gooey chocolate and sprinkled with blueberries, desserts sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. I want to stay forever  in this moment!

This is a tea party that the Moscow-based photographer Kirill Budvejser, culinary stylist Diana Nagornaya and I dreamed up for the shoot. Would you like to join our glittering tea party?KP

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1. Sasonko ring in yellow gold with diamonds and pearl («Mikhailov Gallery», Bolshaya Dmitrovka st., Moscow); 2. Alexander Arne diamond brooch from ‘Bubbles’ collection (Moscow, Vremena Goda Shopping Mall, Kutuzovsky prospect, 48); 3. Ekaterina Kostrigina ‘Dandelion’ brooch in yellow and blackened gold with diamonds and carved quartz (Moscow, Ohotny Ryad st, 2 – Modniy Sezon Shopping Mall, 1st floor) ; 4. Yewn sautoir in yellow and white gold with diamonds and pearls (Ambassad boutique hotel “Radisson Royal, Moscow”, Kutuzov Ave, 2/1, 1); 5. Ichien ring ‘Tenderness’ in white gold with 573 diamonds totalling 5,53ct, amethyst 52,46ct, citrine and 6 pink sapphires totalling (by appointment +7 495 640-93-10); 6. Nam Cho earrings from the ‘Bull’s Eye’ collection in white gold with white sapphires and moonstones totalling 8 cts (available at Ambassad boutique hotel “Radisson Royal, Moscow”, Moscow” Moscow, Kutuzov Ave, 2/1, 1); 7. Bochic cared mammoth Bird Cage ring with 4.54 cts of diamonds; 8. Alexander Arne ‘Angel’s Flowers’ earrings in yellow gold with enamel, diamonds, pearls (Moscow, “Vremena Goda” shopping mall, Kutuzovsky prospect, 48); 9. Yewn ring from the ‘Nature’ collection in white gold with ivory, diamonds, pink, yellow, blue sapphires, tsavorites (Ambassad boutique hotel “Radisson Royal, Moscow” Moscow, Kutuzov Ave, 2/1, 1); 10. Bochic fancy diamond ring with 5.60 cts of diamonds; 11. Sasonko pearl necklace («Mikhailov Gallery», Bolshaya Dmitrovka st., Moscow).