New Celestial Night Collection by Theo Fennell

British jewellery designer Theo Fennell is famous far beyond the borders of dreary old Blighty. His works are renowned all over the world for their innovative design and superb execution.

In the Theo Fennell Jewellery House collections it is not so much classic forms and motifs that you will find, but humour, originality, grand subjects rendered in miniature and buckets of character. Gold skulls, Celtic crosses, hearts pierced with arrows, Egyptian pyramids, camels, nesting boxes, spaceships, locks, seahorses…the list never ends!

February 2015 brought a new surprise in the form of the ‘Celestial Night’ collection. The new offerings include three pendants: a Phi pendant, the Cross and the Key, each one an ode to the beauty of the night sky. Each jewel in the collection is limited to 25 pieces. The depth and secrecy of the boundless universe, the mysterious flickering of distant stars, the gentle swirl of the planets and the softness of clouds floating through the sky, their path lit up by the light of the new moon – the designer has tried to convey all of it with the help of 18-carat white gold, sapphires and diamonds. I imagine anybody who admires the night sky would be excited and inspired by any of these pendants. The superstition goes that if you make a wish upon a shooting star your wish with always come true – you just need to do it quickly while the star is still moving, before it burns out and the moment is lost. But for the lucky owners of these Theo Fennell pendants, that moment will be everlasting: their stars are fixed forever in their shimmering eternal flight.

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