Carrera Y Carrera launched limited edition pendants

Carreraycarerra_gold3 Carrera Y Carrera

  Manuel Carrera.

I came across this limited edition collection for the first time at Baselworld this April. Since then I kept on meaning to write about it as in my opinion these pendants represent a beautiful union of fine jewellery and sculptural art.

Inspired by Eden and Bonadea, the two previous collections by Manuel Carrera, these limited edition goddesses ooze sensuality and sexuality. They are created with so much attention to detail that the beauties almost come to life when you look at them.

Delicately crafted in yellow gold and sprinkled with diamonds set in white gold, these pendants are a fine example of a fruitful marriage between fine jewellery and sculpture. Looking at the latest creations of Manuel Carrera one can say that he once again reinvented the concept of a jewel. This artist always created pieces of importance with a matt-gloss finish that today continues to be a hallmark of Carrera y Carrera.

In fact, sculptural jewellery first brought success to the Carrera Y Carrera jewellery house in the 70th. During that period, two collections created in 1978 stood out. They were Eden, inspired by the sensuality of the human body, and Bonadea, very realistic pieces full of details that represent hands.  Thanks to Eden and Bonadea, Carrera y Carrera became eminently recognizable, different, and desirable which this jewellery house still very much is.

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