COUTURE show: the best jewellery studded with diamonds

COUTURE show in Las Vegas is the hub for the top international jewellery designers and a place where the best talent is recognised through the COUTURE Design Awards. Being one of the judges at the annual competition, I was part of a panel of four other industry experts, who had a range of different backgrounds, preferences and tastes in jewellery. We loved so many of the pieces for numerous reasons, and combined our opinions to come to a consensus over the winners across many different categories. One of my favourites categories was the ‘Diamond’ category, as there were quite a few memorable entries. And now, away from the judging panel, I want to share with you some of my personal favourite discoveries amongst the diamond jewellery from Couture Las Vegas 2017.

Fernando Jorge    

Fernando Jorge was the overall winner of the diamond jewellery category, and was absolutely deserving of the accolade! His jewellery focuses on the beauty of the brilliant cut diamond, and he seeks to highlight the diamond’s standalone beauty, rather than to oversaturate a piece.  The articulation of these 12.2ct diamond earrings mimics the waves found everywhere in nature – in water, sound and light – and this creates an enthralling dazzle which captivates the eye.

Fernando Jorge Brilliant collection rings and earrings with diamonds. Photo by Simon Martner


Harry Kotlar   

Harry Kotlar displayed a shockingly beautiful ring with an emerald cut diamond of 18.83 cts complemented by 0.60 ct of melee diamonds. It belongs to the number of pieces that celebrities wore on the red carpet, with this particular ring previously adorning the hand of Jennifer Lopez. Harry Kotlar is renowned for large, exceptional quality cut diamonds, and amongst a sea of less traditional designs, the superior quality of this diamond ring caught my attention. 

Harry Kotlar diamond ring with 18.83 cts stone. Photo by Simon Martner


Akillis introduced new flexible bracelets to their ‘Python’ collection that was launched last year. For this jewellery line brand’s designer Caroline Gaspard took far more subtle inspiration from the much referred to serpent than many other brands. The pave set diamonds allude to the snakeskin in an elegant way covering white gold scales with precious sparkle. 

Akillis Python bracelets and ring paved with diamonds. Photo by Simon Martner

Neha Dani

Neha Dani, who showcased her jewellery at For Future Reference salon, added further additions to her signature ‘Cadence’ collection. Once piece that stood out for me the most was ‘Bonita’ blue coral style cuff decorated with almost 9 cts of diamonds and 11 cts of blue sapphires. These two gemstones were used to emulate a glittering version of one of nature’s most beautiful creations - coral. The graduation of colour achieved by the contrast between the blue sapphires and diamonds created an idea of fluidity and movement, drawing the eye to follow the flow of vibrant colour. 

Neha Dani Cadence collection bracelet and rings with diamonds. Photo by Simon Martner



Molu, which is one of the most recognised high jewellery houses of Turkey, had a number of diamonds pieces that caught my attention. These 3.82cts diamond ring and 9.08cts diamond brooch enthralled me because of the many joyful ideas it brought to mind – spinning fireworks, long feathers of exotic birds, and twirling skirts while dancing! To encapsulate this sense of vivaciousness within a piece of fine diamond jewellery belies the thought, craftsmanship and care which has gone into each of these pieces.

Molu brooch and ring paved with diamonds.  Photo by Simon Martner   


Noudar stood out amongst a showcase full of the best diamond and gemstone jewellery for their modern interpretation of diamonds. A body chain is not necessarily the first idea that comes to mind when we think of diamond jewellery, however, this means I was all the more intrigued when I found this piece! Melding the idea of youthful, fashionable jewellery - which so often is reduced only to costume pieces - and the high-end world of fine jewellery, Noudar incorporated 718 diamonds into this 6.23 cts body chain. If there is such a thing as carefree diamond jewellery, then Noudar has perfectly achieved its creation.

Noudar chocker and body jewel made in black gold and diamonds. Photo by Simon Martner

This selection of fine jewellery and designers display the true variety on show at Couture Las Vegas 2017, and for me the breadth of styles and types of jewellery exemplifies the oscillation of possibilities within the design of fine diamond jewellery. 

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