Jewellery engraving: How to make jewellery more personal

Engravable fine jewellery is fairly rare. Although many fashion jewellery brands provide the option for engraving, designers who utilise high levels of skill and precious materials scarcely allow for the physical space within their creations to add your own personal touches.

Many jewellery lovers choose to add an engraving to gifts, especially pieces given which commemorates significant dates such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and the arrival of newborns. Another reason for engraving is to make a jewel more personalised by adding your initials or a full name to it. Which brands offer engraving as a part of their service? Read on to find out...

Tiffany & Co.

One of the most famous luxury houses Tiffany & Co. has its credentials of being engraving specialists cemented in the iconic film 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s' - where the lead characters go into Tiffany & Co. and ask to have a toy ring engraved. This scene serves to celebrate the luxury, craftsmanship and service of the house. Whether you choose a simple pendant, a signet ring, a curb link ID bracelet, Tiffany & Co.’s statement Elsa Peretti ‘Bone’ cuff, or even traditional cufflinks, engraving is a wonderful way to make a jewellery gift even more sentimental.

David Yurman

This April David Yurman launched their new engravable configurator, which means that you can choose to customise a selection of the brand’s signature pinky rings and pendant necklaces. This configurator allows engraving of a selection of more than 60 options of symbols, zodiac signs, emojis, monograms, and greek letters for both men's and women's pieces in 18 karat gold or silver. The best thing is that you can place your order online making the purchase fast and easy.

Monica Rich Kosann

Monica Rich Kosann offers their consumers ‘The Locket Bar’ experience, with ways to personalise your own locket or create a gift. More than engraving, Kosann uniquely offers to add your photos inside the lockets, design a note or a favorite quote with numerous fonts and colours to fit inside the locket of your choice. The scale of customisation offered is unparalleled - here you are able to redesign Kosann's jewellery templates; whether you want to start from scratch and create your own one-of-a-kind piece with their design team, engrave your favorite jewel, or update one of their pre-existing designs with your preferred metal.


A jewel from Cartier complemented by an engraving is surely one of the most luxurious gifts one can imagine. The renowned house offers engraving on a selection of their most famous pieces: including the Cartier Love bangle, the Love ring, and variations of the iconic Tank Solo watches. Their engraving service enables you to personalise your Cartier creation by adding either a name, date, symbol or design of your creation on a piece. This engraving is a complimentary service offered within boutiques upon presentation of the Cartier certificate of authenticity, with an estimate provided for more complex engravings, such as drawings.


Rebus have become the go-to name for traditional signet ring and pendant designs. Though they specialise in monograms and family crests - which are particularly on trend at the moment - they are also able to engrave your jewellery with whatever you desire. What sets Rebus apart from other jewellers is that they offer something very exclusive: hand engraving by skilled craftsmen - rather than machine engraving. Beginning with a face to face consultation, the cost to commission an artwork starts at just £100, with the first consultation gratis. There is also a rare opportunity to visit Rebus’ workshop and meet their team of skilled jewellery artisans; this is the reason behind the brand’s 23 Goldsmith's Craft & Design Council awards. 

If you are looking for something special which will make a fantastic gift for someone you love, look into engravable jewellery designs to showcase your affections.

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