Ritz Paris par Tasaki – a New Legend in the History of the Famous Hotel

This year, a much awaited event took place which luxury travellers have been anticipating for a long time: the re-opening of the Ritz in the heart of Paris. As one of the most prestigious hotels in the world, within its walls guests are given a vivid experience of splendour à la française. But what is French chic without the radiance of effulgent diamonds? My guess is that the designers at the Japanese brand Tasaki asked the same question before creating their new jewellery collection dedicated to the Ritz.

“Ritz Paris par Tasaki” is the name of a series of fabulous High Jewellery pieces, launched in the collection “A Legend”. It contains four sets made in a unified style, and two mini-collections: “Ritz Paris”, “1898”, “Elégance”, “The Quintessence of Ritz Paris”, “15, Place Vendôme” and “Nacre”. Despite the fact that Tasaki is renowned for its original pearl jewellery, only half the items are made using the sea mineral. Nevertheless, Tasaki creations embody the values that the jewellery brand shares with the Ritz. More specifically, they embody the commitment to excellence and innovation, not forgetting tradition and an understated elegance in all they create.

In search of inspiration, the jewellery masters at Tasaki decided to create their own story connected to the Ritz Paris. Through the jewellery they tell us a story about how on one storey of the hotel a secret room full of treasure was discovered by chance. The collection’s jewellery represents certain moments in the history of the Ritz Paris. The platinum set “1898”, for example, which is comprised of earrings and a necklace whose diamonds weigh in at just over 16 carats, is named after the year the hotel was founded in Paris. The shape of the jewellery is a bit like the outline of a magnificent chandelier, one of the hotel’s famous symbols.

“The Quintessence of Ritz Paris” set from the Paris par Tasaki collection

Luxurious hotel lighting also serves as the primary source of inspiration for the salient jewellery set “Ritz Paris”. This is echoed by the form of the pieces, perfectly conveying the atmosphere of luxury and elegance that reigns throughout the hotel. The items were created using some large diamonds, from the pear-shaped 5.58-carat diamond on the necklace to the 1.01-carat diamonds on each of the earrings, as well as the 5.02-carat diamond in the ring – not to mention the round and marquise-shaped diamonds. The yellow gold, diamond and pearl necklace and earrings of “Elégance” make references to moments of privacy in the hotel’s garden, where an atmosphere of peace and tranquility presides. Sometimes, a breath of wind makes the leaves of the trees rustle and tremble, and it is this involuntary movement that is encapsulated in the pieces, embodied in the yellow gold.

The earrings, ring and necklace in “The Quintessence of Ritz Paris” are decorated with graded shades of the blue, the hotel’s symbolic colour. The pieces come in the form of feathers, which were often used to decorate guests’ masks at masked balls, stirring up remembrances of the parties and boisterous masquerades once held in the hotels rooms.

And finally, a look at the more more modest lines, “15, Place Vendôme” and “Nacre”. The first is made of white and yellow gold with diamonds and pearls, a dedication to the architectural features of the Ritz, and the second with its various shades of gold, diamonds and Mabe pearls is a nod to the exquisite décor of the furniture at the hotel. Now you know how the designers of a Japanese jewellery brand imagine envisage French art de vivre.

Ritz Pari set from the Paris par Tasaki collection

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