Sarah Ho Creates High Jewellery Suite to Celebrate 10-year Anniversary of Her Brand

As a rule, British designer Sarah Ho’s jewellery tends to be autobiographical, the logical culmination of reflections on the various stages of her life and the history of her family. This time, her thoughts and feelings regarding the tenth anniversary of jewellery brand Sarah Ho have manifested themselves in the form of the Amaryllis Suite, a collection which marks her bold first venture into the world of high art jewellery.

Sarah creates diverse collections, not just in terms of style but also in the materials used in their composition, incorporating silver jewellery for everyday wear, gold jewellery featuring precious and semi-precious stones and, finally, a showstopper of a centrepiece made with large diamonds. But while the jewellery takes a variety of stylistic directions, it is united by the same underlying design, based on the magic of eastern culture, and the usual impeccably high level of execution. Altogether, these traits carry the classic, easily recognisable trademark of their creator.

Sarah Ho

Sarah’s signature design element, a lace pattern recalling the shadow of a petal, belies the complexity and ingenuity of her jewellery, and here too, the openwork design of the Amaryllis Suite forces you to look closer to discover its secrets. The necklace, earrings and ring are all transformers, and their complex construction demands a slow and careful unravelling.

Let’s start with the stunning necklace with large central pendant, made with 18 karat white gold and 37 carat diamonds in classic marquise and pear cuts. It can be worn either as one large jewel with all the elements combined together, as a diamond necklace with diamond strands hanging off it but without the central flower motif, or as a simple amaryllis pendant on a chain.

Sarah Ho

The earrings are also made from 18 karat white gold, decorated with 17 carat white diamonds. They can be transformed according to your mood from the full ‘bouquets’ of long earrings earrings into elegant studs with petals and leaves or into simple three-diamond stud earrings. The two-finger ring comprises two elements which can be worn together to create the impression of a cocktail ensemble or individually to give a plainer look.

Sarah Ho was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Macau, where she developed a passion for the art of jewellery from an early age. It is a well-known fact that asian designers do not just create jewellery that is simple and beautiful to look at, they like to incorporate messages and symbols into their work as well. The choice of amaryllis flowers as point of inspiration is no coincidence: they are a symbol of pride and determination, two characteristics which Sarah views as not only an inherent in herself, along with her fortitude, but also as absolute cornerstones of any successful business. 

Photos: Sarah Ho

Sarah Ho

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