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Paris is a city of discovery, and having visited it once again I became acquainted with a relatively new and highly promising jewellery brand named Chateau Euphorie. The brand’s high jewellery creations of exemplary quality and extraordinary design fascinated me so much that several hours flew without me noticing whilst I was in the boutique. I walked out absolutely sure that you too would be won over by Chateau Euphorie after reading this article.

The brand was founded in 2013 with the vision for Chateau Euphorie jewellery to be made in the best traditions of French savoire-faire. However, the design was to stand out for its originality, joining together elements from different cultures. Building on the very best jewellery techniques that are found in the high jewellery of the famous French jewellery houses, Chateau Euphorie’s designers started to create collections that feature carved gemstones, pave setting and elements of “stone within a stone” technique.

Although the stones you will see in most brand’s collections are colourless and black diamonds, you will also come across a wide range of precious and semi-precious gems such as pearls, topaz, morganite, white agate, chalcedony, chrysoprase, fire opal, citrine and the list does not end here. Along with gold in various hues (white, yellow, pink and black) they give the Chateau Euphorie jewellery an extremely rich and varied colour palette.

The major French brands, located not far from the Champs Elysee in Place Vendome, choose flowers as their main decorative element in their iconic collections. Chateau Euphorie’s designers, however, have taken a different path and the brand’s most recognisable symbol is the real celebrity of the mid-18th century – Clara the rhinoceros. The female Indian rhinoceros became widely known after her 17 year journey around Europe, which found its reflection in the art of that period, especially in sculptures and paintings. Now the animal’s image has been immortalised in gold and gem stones from which the pendants and bracelets of the main collection have been made. It also includes a variety of jewellery tastefully incorporating not the face but the horn of the powerful animal, cut out of white agate, pink opal, peridot or onyx.

But now let’s turn our attention to the other collections. Being a big fan of asymmetry in design, I really appreciated Chateau Euphorie’s daring approach to ear jewellery: in practically every collection you can find mismatched pieces in the style of Toi&Moi. The Jasmine earrings with diamonds and pearl are a pair in which the left side is an inverted reflection of the right. The Secret Garden earrings of rhodium plated gold with topaz and black diamonds, look as if they have been taken from different pairs of the same collection – this is an example of how current fashion trends have found their reflection in Chateau Euphorie’s collections.

A tribute to trends is present in a mild form in practically all of the brand’s jewellery. For example, the Jasmine bracelet is easily transformed into a glamorous evening piece, if you fasten on the playful pearl pendant. The Clara rings and bangle bracelets with their multi-coloured tips can be work both on their own or all together, putting one ring or bangle on top of the other.

However, let’s not forget that Chateau Euphorie’s jewellery most of all relates to the high rather than fashion sector. They are no strangers to large precious stones and voluminous design which is rich in exquisite details. This is precisely what I thought as I was trying on the dome ring and key pendant, Clara, with their white agate, enveloped in a precious lace of white gold with diamonds or the long earrings, Secret Garden, with their ornate pattern of pink gold implanted with pink opal.

No doubt you already want to see the brand’s jewellery for yourself. In this case you have to make sure to visit the Chateau Euphorie boutique in the very heart of Paris – in a gallery at 26 Champs Elysee. The interior décor of the very cosy shop recalls a room in a French palace – here a crystal chandelier hangs down from the centre of the shopfloor, the walls are covered by mirrors, and drapes hang along both sides of the table that can comfortably accommodate clients. The furnishing help you to forget about the din of Paris and delight in the beautiful jewellery creations of Chateau Euphorie.

Chateau Euphorie

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