Read This Before Buying A Wedding Band


De Beers 18k Plain Yellow Gold Band

Having been in the jewellery business for many years, I have helped hundreds of men and women to select their very special piece of jewellery to wear on their wedding ring finger. It took them a few days sometimes a few weeks to choose the right band. To save you some time and I have put together these simple guidelines, that should answer most of your questions.


Choose a wedding band metal wisely. Platinum is the best option among white metals as it is resistant to scratches and retains its noble gray colour for good. White gold is a bit cheaper, but requires regular rhodium plating (approx. once every 2 years), silver is not recommended as this metal is too soft and will have signs of wear and tear in about a month. Palladium (this metal belongs to the platinum family) is the new star on the horizon, however not many jewellers use it.

If you settle for a gold band, it is advisable to choose either 18k or 9k gold. The latter is less pure but harder and more durable.


Van Cleef and Arpels Red Gold Band


Yellow gold is a traditional metal for men, however, red gold is becoming increasingly popular nowadays as it complements any skin tone (unlike yellow which suits tanned or olive skin better). White metal has a contemporary look, its colour is universal and eight out of ten engaged couples opt for it.


When considering different shapes, there are two which are considered the most popular styles: ‘D-shaped’ bands, which are flat on the inside and curved on the outside (also called court bands) and ‘flat bands’ which, respectively, are flat on both sides.


Tiffany&Co Knife-Edge Platinum Band

Court bands are a traditional choice while flat bands have a bold, contemporary look. There are also some fancy shapes for those who really want to stand out, but such bands are less popular.

Nowadays more and more jewellers offer curved bands for ladies as they are designed to underline the centre stone and complete a set of an engagement ring and a wedding band.


Tiffany&Co Curved Band

Asprey Life Ring in white gold with yellow gold rope

Asprey Life Ring in White and Yellow Gold


I think it is great to be different, however let us not forget that a wedding band is a sentimental piece of jewellery and does not have to be a fashion statement. As years go by our taste might change and we are likely to regret having chosen an unusual jewel as a wedding band.


Not all gemstones are suitable for everyday wear. If you want to have gems in your band it is recommended to opt for diamonds, rubies or sapphires as they are the hardest. Emerald is another desirable precious stone, however very brittle and can chip easily when accidentally knocked on hard surface.


Finger size tends to change over the time. This is why owners of full-circle bands face some difficulties: one has to restructure the whole band to adjust it even by one size. If you want to have a look of a full-circle band but still be able to have it re-sized why not to choose a ring with 3/4 of the band paved with gemstones?


Asprey Full Circle of Princess Cut Diamonds Platinum Band


Fullscreen capture 17082013 125248

Tiffany&Co Platinum Channel-Setting Band with Sapphires and Diamonds

When choosing a wedding band, women usually know their finger size already, however, men sometimes struggle to choose what to go for. You know the size you are trying on is right if the band is relatively easy to put on, but there is some resistance around the knuckle area when taking it off.

You also have to bear in mind that fingers have a tendency to swell up in summer due to heat and shrink in winter because of cold, so it is advisable to try a band on after you have been in comfortable room temperature for a some time.

And lastly, do not leave choosing your wedding rings too close to the big day. Even if you know what you want, sometimes its not that easy to find it, so do start looking 8-10 weeks prior to the wedding.

I hope you find this guide useful and all your questions about choosing wedding rings were answered. If not, you can always contact me for advice.

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