Vesuvio – New Miseno Collection Dedicated to the Naples Volcano

Italian jewellery brand Miseno, who is ‘a regular’ at the Las Vegas Couture, debuted their creations at Baselworld, the jewellery and watch salon. Antonio Сardamuro, founder and creative director of Miseno, developed a new and wide range of precious adornments together with his design team especially for this event. Made of different colour gold and diamonds, it is dedicated to Vesuvio volcano.

“With Miseno being right in the heart of Naples, this beautiful Italian region and its surrounding landscapes are the inspiration for my brand. The new pieces are dedicated to Mons Vesuvius – the Vesuvio volcano that is situated in the gulf of Naples, a short distance from the shore,” says Antonio.

Despite the fact that Antonio spends most of his time in America, the whole jewellery production takes place in Italy, and it’s another reason to return to his favourite Italian ‘corner’ several times a year. If you climb to the peak point of Miseno, a beautiful bay opens up in front of your eyes and behind it you can see the mighty volcano. So, one day, while walking along the bay, Antonio had an idea and he decided to implement the volcano in the new jewellery collection. “The main question was how to do it elegantly and preserve the brand’s style at the same time. That was the initial challenge for me and my in-house designers, who worked with me on the sketches and the collection,” he says.

Vesuvio – New Miseno Collection

As you see, the concept for the new collection emerged quite spontaneously, and the theme was then developed further. First, Antonio and his designers reviewed quite a number of pictures of the volcano taken from different directions and at different angles. Then the photos that could best be translated into the language of precious stones and metals were set aside for detailed work on the design of the collection. 

“We worked on the shapes and how they could be transformed into jewels, which actually resulted in three interpretations of the line. The first one represented lava surrounding the mouth of the Vesuvius Mountain, the second one resembled lava running down to the base of the volcano that is reflected in an array of small diamonds dripping down. And the last interpretation is lava on the very top of the volcano.”

Vesuvio collection consists of a wide spectrum of jewels that can be combined together in different ways. Here, you will find studs and drop earrings, delicate pendants on a chain and long necklaces with charms, a few different rings and bangles. All the pieces are crafted in yellow and white gold, and embellished with an array of white diamonds, sapphires and even turquoise inserts.

Despite having a new jewellery theme embodied in Vesuvio, the pieces included in the collection feature some elements typical for the previous pieces.

“If you see the new collection, you will probably notice that it is very much in line with the Raggi and Ventaglio, since we like to retain the same concept of the brand featuring the shiny rays of light. Although the inspiration for the Vesuvio collection is different, when you look at the design you do see Miseno’s identity. I want to make sure that our jewellery concept is very clear,” explains Antonio.

Creative people never cease to experiment. They come up with new jewels for their collections because “the design process never ends but evolves.” Therefore, Antonio and his team are planning to add some new pieces to this collection in the future. “The process never stops and this is the beauty of it,” adds Antonio. 

Vesuvio – New Miseno Collection

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