Elevated Gifting: A Fresh Spin on Classic Jewels for the Festive Season

What to buy the jewellery lover who has everything? Give them a reason to stop and take notice with this selection of refreshed and revived classic pieces, including the humble stud earring and the ubiquitous brooch. They say you can’t reinvent the wheel, but there are plenty of designers and brands out there who would beg to disagree! Here’s our pick of some top holiday gifts that put traditional pieces in the spotlight…

How do you kickstart your Christmas shopping? We’ve previously explored buying precious gifts based on the mood of your intended recipient, which is a good place to start. However, a recent conversation at KaterinaPerez.com HQ got us talking once again about the perfect capsule collection and what should be a mainstay of any sophisticated woman’s jewellery box. We narrowed it down to five key categories – stud earrings, tennis bracelets, solitaire rings, Riviere necklaces and brooches – that will get you through any occasion.

The problem? They’re so often frighteningly boring! Just because something falls into the ‘classic’ category doesn’t mean it has to be dreary and lacking in character. So, in that spirit (and to support your holiday gifting), here are some examples of updated classics to get your shopping on the right track.

Examples of classically beautiful yet traditional jewels, including the Boucheron Vendôme Riviere necklace, a diamond tennis bracelet by Roxanne First, round-brilliant-cut diamond stud earrings by Boodles, a pearl and diamond brooch by Mikimoto, and a diamond solitaire ring by De Beers

Stud Earrings

If diamond solitaire or single pearl stud earrings are the benchmark of boring, then it’s all about finding ways to contain interest and intrigue right at the lobe. Simone Jewels Tattoo collection contains some dark and mysterious studs, while Ileana Makri experiments with fancy cuts, radiating shapes and coiled snakes to give her earrings a lift. The Palm stud earrings by David Morris are another tempting example, as are the edgy Entwined Studs by Stephen Webster. Of course, we could add ear climbers, earring jackets, decorative earring backs, and dangling drops to this list… but that would be cheating!

Tennis Bracelets

Since tennis bracelets have shot back into fashion, it’s unsurprising that brands are reinventing the humble line. State Property wowed with its new Edessa collection, featuring repeating archways of gold studded with diamonds and coloured stones. I also loved the Zoori collection of mix-and-match pieces by Hazoorilal Legacy when I visited the brand in New Dehli earlier this year. Other brands on my radar are Uniform Objects with its cool spring clasp tennis bracelets in yellow gold, Aisha Baker and her Sugar Crush fancies, and Anita Ko with her Zipper tennis style. Finally, who wouldn’t be tempted by a Bucherer Fine Jewellery bracelet in the Pastello collection with pastel-hued multi-coloured sapphires?

Solitaire Rings

If we follow the dictionary definition, a solitaire ring is just a single diamond atop a plain band. No frills and no fuss allowed. But where’s the fun in that? I saw some striking vintage solitaires with a lovely sense of history at Hancocks in London and Jogani Gallery in Los Angeles earlier this year, and I have always been partial to the talon-claw details at IceRock Diamonds. Plus, portrait-cut diamonds, like those used by Eva Fehren in her rings, have a touch more drama than round brilliant-cut stones. However, to really elevate your solitaire gift, turn your attention to coloured gemstones and unusual mounts, like the Verdura Candy rings, Nadine Aysoy’s Catena rings, pieces by Retrouvai, Robinson Pelham, Tabayer, Jade Ruzzo, and so many more.

Riviere Necklaces

Of all the types of necklaces on the market, the Riviere is often deemed the most subtly sophisticated and reserved. The graduation of stones from small to large sweep past the collar bone and, typically, meet at the largest gem just below the hollow of the throat. Although historically, this type of necklace would contain just one mineral species (especially) diamonds, we’ve seen contemporary iterations with multi-coloured stones, like the Bulgari Roman Splendour necklace, the Louis Vuitton Seeds necklace and the Harry Winston ‘The Heiress’ creation. You can also look to the Mellerio Joaillier Pierreries series of necklaces for gifting inspiration.


Has any piece of jewellery had quite the reputation overhaul as the brooch? From Hollywood men adorning their lapels on the red carpet to the latest high jewellery collections, there’s always at least one brooch (if not more) to demonstrate real pizzaz! Away from the world of ostentatious high jewellery, there are fine brooch examples at Georg Jensen, Tiffany & Co., Ole Lynggaard, and Cartier, to name a few. To ensure your carefully chosen Christmas gift is appreciated, consider the wearability of your selection. Your loved one might not want to wear an elaborate diamond brooch on a casual denim jacket, but there’s no outfit that won’t be elevated by this Melanie Georgacopoulos brooch that oozes style, substance and craftsmanship.

If jewellery is all about self-expression, then even the most recognisable piece should reveal something about the wearer… it may not tell a whole story, but at least a sonnet, stanza, or haiku! If you’re on the hunt for a gift that’s both comfortably familiar and confidently creative, this is a good place to start.

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