Stack Rings : The Best of Ready made Fine Jewellery Ring Sets

Stack rings have been a huge trend in the world of fine jewellery for some time, and this season this style shows no signs of wavering. However, what used to be a selection of single thin rings has slowly been substituted by one piece that is intricately made to look like a stack. Their appeal is that one can easily achieve the look of a carefully acquired collection of special pieces by wearing a ready made stack. So why buy a single ring when you can have multiple rings in one?

The stacked rings trend has been on the peak of popularity for a while partly because it allows to give new life to one's existing ring collection by mixing and matching long loved pieces with newer ones. Old conventions about sticking to one precious metal are long gone, so it is no longer considered 'bad taste’ to wear as many stackable rings as one likes. 

To create the look of a statement stack ring, consider gemstones and fancy coloured diamonds, which can be a great alternative to the traditional cocktail ring with one large stone. The most daring fashionistas has even tried a double finger stack as they really add personality and edge to any look.

Whether you prefer fine, delicate rings or more masculine hardware, there is a fine jewellery ring stack perfect which is perfect for you. Abundance is key to this trend, so pile these rings high and wear as many as you dare - with jewellery, the more pieces the merrier!

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