Bridal Week: Part II – Love Stories Told in Antique Diamonds and Gemstones

Here, we return to the subject of beautiful bridal jewels and the customer stories that make us smile. What makes an engagement ring or bridal suite of jewels special isn’t just its component parts, it’s also the process a couple goes through, the painstaking selection of diamonds and coloured gemstones, and the moment when a bespoke idea comes together. Of course, there’s also the magic of stumbling upon an antique ring that is so perfect, one simply can’t imagine being wed with anything else. Continue reading for some more jewellers of note as part of Bridal Week on

There’s definitely no one-size-fits all when it comes to engagement rings. In fact, the more unique and unusual an engagement ring, the more enticing it is to discover. The jewellers selected here don’t just offer their customers fabulous engagement rings, they also curate suites of bridal jewels and wedding bands should they be required. From these interactions, they have many stories to tell and just a handful are highlighted below.

Emerald-cut diamond jewellery by Los Angeles-based brand Norman Silverman

Jack Weir & Sons

Jack Weir got his start in diamonds at a jewellery store on Canal Street in New York City, which is now considered part of ‘The Old NY Jewelry District’. His own business soon followed and today, Jack and his son Wyler work together sourcing diamonds and coloured stones, as well as vintage and signed jewellery, such as an antique Tiffany & Co. (circa. 1910) 4.33 carat Kashmir sapphire and diamond engagement ring with old-European-cut stones. Jack recalls this moment with a customer: “As soon as we posted a 2.99 carat rose-cut diamond engagement ring on Instagram, a lady from Canada reached out to us. During a virtual Zoom appointment, she said: “I have been scouring the globe for antique/vintage rings and never found ‘the one’.” After years of searching, this lovely couple was able to find their dream engagement ring and we are extremely grateful to be a part of their happy and long-lasting love story!”

A la Vieille Russie

With a story that dates back to 1851, ALVR is a family business specialising in antique jewellery, especially by the inimitable Carl Fabergé, as well as art objects and Russian works of art. Couples visiting its gallery for the perfect engagement ring won’t just find Russian period jewels though… they’ll also be able to peruse treasures from eras gone by to find the ideal bridal suite that’s right for them. Peter Schaffer, Director of the ALVR Gallery, shares this anecdote: “A young couple came to the gallery together with the intention of picking out an engagement ring together. Although they found the perfect ring, before they made their final decision they wanted to ‘think it over’. When the woman called to ask about it a few days later, we had been told by her fiancée to tell her “sorry, it has sold”. He had returned the next day to purchase the ring! While we felt a little bad doing it, we were informed of how surprised and delighted she was when she received the ring, making it all worth it.”

Victor Barboné

Based in New York, Victor Barboné is a go-to for antique and vintage engagement rings. The business’ founder Andria Rogers experienced first-hand how hard it can be to find the perfect engagement ring, so she decided to do something about it. As well as curating a selection of period finds, the brand creates its own line of jewels by repurposing and recycling antique diamonds and vintage stones from older, unloved pieces. There’s a soft femininity to her creations, whether sparkling with old mine-cut and old European-cut stones or Art Deco-inspired emerald-cut diamonds. Andria says she “inherited patience, determination and attention to detail” from her Argentine grandfather, whom she honoured by naming her business after him. Perhaps it’s this sentiment and family connection that helps her match each individual client with the bridal jewels that are right for them? I’m sure it certainly plays a role in her matchmaking success!

Norman Silverman

There’s something romantic about starting as an apprentice and then flourishing to become a master in one’s own right, don’t you think? Norman Silverman started in the world of diamond cutting and later created his own brand, Norman Silverman Diamonds, in 1983. From his base in Los Angeles, California, he creates classical bridal jewels and eternity rings set with large colourless diamonds, as well as fancy yellow, pink and blue diamonds and a smattering of coloured gemstones. You could say Norman has a ‘sixth sense’ for engagement rings… he can visualize a finished piece by holding a stone and has an uncanny ability to translate the character of a diamond into a piece worthy of its shape, colour and rarity.

If you were in need of a romantic pick-me-up today, I do hope, dear reader, that this article inspired your inner-Cupid.

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