de Grisogono Introduces Insanely Beautiful Collection Folies

The Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris is the single most important exhibition for collectors around the world. Traditionally, it is held in the Grand Palais de Beaux Arts, beneath whose magnificent dome works of art from past to present are brought together. Here, the creative spirit, innovation and originality reign free. It is an atmosphere which ideally matches the mood of the new de Grisogono collection, Folies, which was presented this year in the very heart of the Grand Palais.

Folies, which when translated from the French means “folly”, is a collection of high jewellery pieces, surpassing everything that Fawaz Gruosi has ever created. These innovations are unanimously recognised as a refreshing gust of inspiration from a wildly exuberant imagination, as they burst into the scene at the 28th Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris. At first glance, they create a false sense of classical rigour and measured restraint – all of this is from a distance, however, and these are jewels you really ought to take a closer look at.

Each item has its own unique feature, turning the familiar eye-catching and eccentric de Grisogono jewellery into refined and elegant pieces. It seems to me the effect has been achieved through the use of a consistent colour palette, alongside the large stones that adorn almost every jewel. Exceptional white, almost colourless, diamonds of rare purity were impressive to behold. And add to this the admiration that the refined design inspires – because it is an even more elevated level than usual.

Fawaz Gruosi stresses the chilling impression of the pure radiance of diamonds against the bright and multicoloured rubies, sapphires, emeralds and black diamonds. As a result, we are met with very bold, eccentric, creative and daring rings, earrings and necklaces. The largest round-cut diamond in this collection weighs 16.05 carats and was placed on a ring with 16 baguette-cut emeralds. And with its many stones, the same can probably be said for the delightful open necklace in white gold. The jewellery masters had to simultaneously encrust the piece with 2621 white and 5068 black diamonds!

High jewellery is a mark of quality that guarantees only the best. The best ideas, the best techniques and, of course, the best stones. Finding exceptional materials for jewellery – which are able to impress even the most sophisticated audience – is ongoing work that is happening all the time, all over the world. In his sizeable jewellery creations Fawaz Guosi uses large, original gems which have become his trademark not just in the Folies collection, it happened a long time ago. But finding such exceptional raw materials in nature, of such quality and size, is a rare fortune which has become a real sensation. 

And a “grand sensation” – who can call it by any other name? – was declared by de Grisogono at a press conference at the opening of the 28th Biennale des Antiquaires. The Swiss company announced the acquisition of The Constellation: the most expensive rough diamond in the world! Its cost at auction was $63 million. The diamond, with a width greater than 6cm and weighing 813 carats, was found by the Canadian company Lucara Diamond in the field Karov, Botswana in November 2015. Despite the fact de Grisogono has as of yet not decided what kind of form their “star” will take, completing the work of faceting the unique find is planned for mid-2017. Afterwards, this stone should become one of the world’s largest certified flawless diamonds. And so for now we have only to wait until the incredible stone takes more precise and symmetrical shape, and for Fawaz Gruosi to decorate on of his next extraordinary jewels with it.

de GRISOGONO Unveiled The Folies High Jewellery Collection

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