Trend: Spring/Summer 2020 catwalks pave the way for bold monochrome jewels

Spring/summer fashion shows are usually injected with colour in comparison with the fall/winter seasons, which symbolises nature’s awakening. 2020 was no exception, and in January and February, catwalks were brimming with yellows, oranges, purples, fuschias, bright greens and many other juicy shades. What piqued my interest was that many of the looks were built on one single colour, and even if an outfit consisted of several items, for example, a jacket, trousers and a top, then all of them were ‘painted’ in the same - or very similar - shade.

Balenciaga, Valentino, Balmain, Hermes,  Boss and other fashion houses saturated their Spring/Summer collections with a large number of spectacular looks all featuring plain fabrics without any patterns or textures, so I have compiled a selection of jewellery in the same style for you.

Harry Winston 'Winston Candy' ring with 10.59ct oval cut pink sapphire, oval cut and round cut rubies, pink sapphires, and pear cut and brilliant cut diamonds in platinum

In the process, I realised that jewellers prefer to create gem combinations that include various shades of stones instead of just one. Furthermore, making monochrome jewels is quite challenging - as traditional gold colours are limited to yellow, pink, white and black.

Haruni Fine Jewellery ring with emeralds and enamel in yellow gold

Saying that, it seems nothing is impossible for jewellers: and many learned to coat metals with different shades of rhodium or lacquer, to colour titanium, copper or aluminium in blue, green, raspberry, and numerous other shades. The result of this process is further embellished with gemstones of matching colour and - voila - the perfect jewel that reflects the trend of Spring/Summer 2020 is ready!  

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