Luxury Forecast: Le Vian Predicts the Top 2025 Jewellery Trends

It wouldn’t be Luxury by JCK without the Le Vian Red Carpet Revue and Catwalk, where the brand presents its key predictions for the biggest trends of the next calendar year. So, what’s in store for 2025? I made sure to spend some time with Le Vian in Las Vegas to get to grips with its foresights, including cosmic themes, myths, legends, and robust shades of green and punchy pink. Here’s a summary of its 2025 jewellery trends to help you get a head start!

Writing about the Le Vian trend forecast in the wake of the Las Vegas jewellery shows has become something of a tradition here at In 2023, it was all about the juicy hues of tanzanite, illusion-set gemstones, and the tonal blend of coloured gemstones and enamel. Now, we are looking ahead to 2025 with a new set of themes, motifs and colour palettes to explore. But before we dive in, let me set the stage for you… 

At Luxury by JCK, Le Vian dresses models in its latest creations and sends them down the runway, flanked by collectors, journalists, and influencers. We can always rely on Le Vian for its trademarked coloured gems, including its Blueberry Sapphires ™ and Chocolate Diamonds™, which were a big feature of the 2025 showcase. There was also entertainment, like an interview with Julia Chafe (@juliachafe and @jewelswithjules), musical performances and even a mentalist this year who ‘read the room’ to great success. 

Le Vian Ombrè® ring with 2.37 carats of Strawberry Ombrè® Sapphires, Vanilla Sapphire™, and Nude Diamonds™ set in 14K Strawberry Gold®

"From Wonder & Awe with gold-dipped jewels to Inspiration, which tells a twinkling, celestial story, this year’s collections are designed to take us beyond the chaos into an enchanting, magical world – and you are invited!” Le Vian CEO Eddie LeVian. 

Le Vian® earrings, pendant and ring with Deep Sea Blue Topaz™, blue topaz, Blueberry Sapphire™ and Nude Diamonds™ set in 14K Vanilla Gold®

The Red Carpet Revue and Catwalk serve another purpose, though. It raises considerable money for charity. This year, Le Vian and an anonymous donor matched the first $250,000 of donations to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and $50,000 to the global non-profit Diamonds Do Good, which works to empower people in diamond communities worldwide. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the seven trends that Le Vian is betting on for 2025, including the gems that will bring these concepts to life. 

Le Vian Couture® pendant with 2.5 carats of Passion Ruby™ and 1.1 carats of Vanilla Diamonds® set in platinum with 18K Honey Gold™

Awe & Wonder

Described as the “Gold Standard”, this trend taps into the legendary status of gold as a source of wealth, nobility, and power. It seeks to interpret the story of gold, dating back millennia, with a range of jewels that are cross-culturally inspired – taking a little bit from the Western aesthetic, traditional Indian goldwork, and more contemporary Italian style goldsmithing. Highlights include tennis-style necklaces, supple chains with pavé diamonds in Le Vian’s Gold Links collection, and contrasting gold finishes like polished, brushed and acid-washed. Stacking bangles with natural Nude Diamonds™ are also a feature of this trend, as is the Le Vian Gold Filigree collection (again, referencing that classical Indian style). To me, ‘Wonder & Awe’ is all about embracing traditional yellow gold and all the history and workmanship that has gone into it over the centuries – even simple pieces can tell a story of a hand-working skill that has been passed down from generation to generation. 


Think Game of Thrones meets diamonds in this diverse trend that celebrates all things “Mythology and Fantasy,” according to Le Vian. The brand invites us to “slip into a realm of fantasy and celebrate the power of imagination” through the Fire Dragon collection, with three-dimensional beasts that adorn necklaces and rings. Although certainly not for every taste, it’s great to see Le Vian pushing its own design codes in 2024, which is the Year of the Dragon in the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. Perhaps our current cultural obsession with dragons will continue well into 2025. We look forward to finding out!


“Celestial & Constellations” is the theme of this year’s Inspiration category, which is full of blue hues in the form of tanzanites, sapphires, spinels and topazes. For this trend, we see pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets with orbiting lines of pavé diamonds, some with trademarked Blueberry Sapphire™, Ocean Blue Topaz™, and Gray Spinel™. However, what really stands out to me is the flip side of this trend, with yellow gold talisman pendants, hoop earrings and cleverly constructed Zodiac-inspired line earrings in the Sun & Stars and Constellations collections. These everyday diamond styles would certainly make daily dressing more exciting in 2025! 


Prepare for “Platinum Love” courtesy of Le Vian and its crisp combinations of bright white platinum with clusters of pink and yellow diamonds, rubies and Paraiba tourmalines. This selection of high jewellery is centred on the idea of ‘modern heirlooms’ that won’t date with the passing years. Personally, I was a big fan of a matching pendant and ring with oval-shaped rubies, and white diamonds edged with fancy light pink diamonds – the combination of colours just served to intensify each hue on offer. 

Le Vian Couture® pendant with a 2.2 carat Passion Ruby™ and Vanilla Diamonds® set in platinum with 18K Honey Gold™ alongside a matching ring with a 2.2 carat Passion Ruby™ and one carat of Vanilla Diamonds®

“In a world of impermanence, we crave the timeless. We yearn for enduring love, symbolised by natural, exotic gems and natural fancy colour diamonds, set in the rarest precious metal, platinum, ensuring longevity,” Le Vian. 


Why have round brilliant-cut stones when there are so many striking fancy-cuts available? That’s the question Le Vian is asking through its Exploration trend, which prioritises fancy shapes and especially elongated cuts like modified cushions and marquises. The way it uses these gems also errs on the simpler side, with paired back necklaces and contemporary toi et moi rings letting pale blue, deep sky blue, orange, red, purple and green gems do the talking. The Le Vian lookbook also showcases this trend through bi-colour tourmalines, which, incidentally, were a major trend of this year’s JCK Las Vegas!


The penultimate 2025 trend - “Earth & Life” – draws upon themes of sustainability using verdant Costa Smeralda Emeralds ™, but also Peacock Aquaprase™ (a new type of chalcedony) with its wave-like patterns that I wrote about back in 2023. There’s also patterned Aquadite™ - another type of chalcedony – this time with shimmering copper confetti-like inclusions that add depth and uniqueness to each gem, whether cut into a pear shape or an elongated ‘squoval’ shape. We know that emeralds are already proving popular in 2024 thanks to strong performances at the Met Gala and other celebrity events, so it will be fascinating to see if that continues into 2025.

Le Vian Couture® necklace with Costa Smeralda Emeralds™ and 14.2 carats of cts. Vanilla Diamonds® set in 18K gold

“Emeralds, with their vibrant green hue, symbolise life, growth, and the interconnectedness of all living things, inspiring us to cherish and preserve the natural world,” Le Vian. 

Femininity and Inner Beauty

Finally, there’s “Pretty in Pink” to conclude this year’s trend forecast, complete with Le Vian’s Strawberry Sapphires™ and Peach Morganites™ set in strawberry gold. Rather than feeling Barbie-esque, Le Vian has created something more grown-up and sophisticated, with a line of ‘Hidden Halo’ engagement rings and its Y Necklace collection with an unbroken line of diamonds tipped with red and pink pear-shaped gems. Other aspects of this trend are overtly floral, such as the Strawberry Ombrè® Rose necklace and matching ring and the Strawberry Ombrè® Floral necklace. Personally, I think this trend is all about embracing joy, colour, enthusiasm, optimism and femininity, which Le Vian suggests we do through pink minerals like sapphires, morganites and amethysts. Count me in!

If you are plotting some new purchases to add to your collection in the latter half of 2024 or into 2025, I am sure you will find inspiration here to guide your decision-making. The Le Vian Red Carpet Revue and Catwalk is a wonderful opportunity to hear about what’s new and what’s next, so you will see me there again in 2025, looking ahead to 2026… oh, how time flies when you’re having fun.

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