Anatomy of a Jewel: Red Carpet collection earrings by Chopard

Chopard earrings from the Red Carpet Collection featuring a precious flower set at the centre with round tanzanites

Once I set my eyes upon these earrings I fell in love with them instantly. I cannot put my finger on what exactly makes them so alluring: the ideal proportions, the mix of luminous precious stones or the sumptuous design…

All I an say is that these Red Carpet collection earrings by Chopard won over many hearts and reached an incredible amount of likes on my Instagram. So I decided to give you an insight on what gems were combined together to produce such an attractive bluish-purplish colour combination:

133 fantastic Paraiba tourmalines = 5.15 cts

79 Amethysts = 0.48cts

54 Topaz = 13.65 cts

45 briolette cut Sapphires = 33.34 cts

22 briolette cut Topaz = 13.65 cts

18 briolette cut Iolites = 8.83 ct

12 briolette cut Diamonds = 3.77 cts

2 round brilliant Tanzanites = 42.59cts

2 pear-shaped Tanzanites = 14.09 cts

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