Fabergé Easter In Harrods And Beyond

Red Hibiscus Cuff

Today I made my way to Harrods to discover the exciting new collaboration between Fabergé and the famed department store to celebrate Easter this year.

The boutique windows of Brompton Road were beautifully decorated and dressed in branded flags. The fairy tale continued inside when I entered the pop-up boutique (the main entrance on Hans Place). The finest one-of-a-kind jewels designed by the French artist Frédéric Zaavy for the brand re-launch in 2009 were laid out on displays teasing me with their dazzling sparkles. I surely could not help trying some of them on (need I to say that I absolutely did not want to take them off?). The craftsmanship of pavé work on contemporary Fabergé jewels was just astonishing. With their intricate designs each ring, cuff and bangle represented a truly a collectible piece of jewellery.

Stepping outside the pop-up boutique, I faced four museum-like displays with Karl Fabergé’s art objects, jewellery, cigarette cases and some other exhibits that belong to the maison(see below). However, the most spectacular and exciting historic piece, the Fabergé Apple Blossom Egg, was still to be discovered in the main Fine Jewellery room. This was the very first time that the rare masterpiece was presented in the UK and in a non-museum environment.  Designed in 1901 for Russian heiress Varvara Kelkh, the egg shell was crafted from nephrite decorated with gold apple blossoms each crowned with a diamond.

Faberge displays in Harrods

Miroslava Duma with Faberge

On 1st March, Miroslava Duma hosted the launch of ‘A Fabergé Easter at Harrods’. She was really excited to be working with Fabergé and Harrods on this innovative Easter collaboration. With Fabergé being the ultimate Russian jewellery maison, it truly meant a lot to the owner of Buro 24/7. Miroslava believes that together with Harrods, Fabergé reinvents the art of gifting and the heritage for today’s audience.

Zaha Hadid Egg Sculpture at Fabergé 2

If you happen to be in New York, Fabergé prepared something special for you too: the Big Egg Hunt. You can download the app (TheBiggEggHunt) which will guide you throughout the hunt and if you are lucky, one of three extraordinary bejewelled prizes created by Fabergé will be yours. The rules are simple: use the app to check in at an egg (they are scattered all over New York). Once 10 hunters ‘have cracked’ (checked in at) an egg, their location will be disclosed and appear on an interactive digital map. The more eggs you check in at, the better the odds of winning a prize.

And lastly, Zaha Hadid, the British architect who received the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Award in 2004, and is known for her unique and futuristic designs, takes part in the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt with her “Liquid Skyline” egg (see below).


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