Jessica McCormack Presents Collection of Extravagant Engagement Rings

“Jessica McCormack For Lovers” is the title given by a diamond jewellery designer Jessica McCormack to her collection of extravagant diamond rings. She presented them to a small circle of journalists over breakfast in a luxurious mansion which is also her luxurious boutique at 7 Carlos Place.

“I want to create engagement rings that speak to the uniqueness of each woman. A ring that you wear every day is more than just a symbol of love. It is also a reflection of personality and history,” says Jessica, who often receives individual orders to create engagement rings. With glowing eyes, Jessica told me about her new bridal pieces, leading me to suggest that she likes creating this type of jewellery most of all.

Among the latest creations by this designer there are 6 unique rings: Little Mermaid, Luna, Space Odyssey, Princess from the Moon, Wings of Desire and Emerald-Cut Button Back. All are made with diamonds of various cuts, from the charmingly historic to the non-standard hexagonal, as well as the more conventional contemporary round shape. Jessica emphasised the individuality of each ring with the assistance of unusual decorative features: just take for instance the simple and elegant frame on the blackened silver of the Emerald-Cut Button Back ring, or the geometrical fringing of square diamonds on the Space Odyssey ring, or even the rather intricate shank adorned with diamonds and sea-shells on the Little Mermaid ring.

Jessica McCormack

Why in one collection bring together so many completely different pieces? The answer is simple: in creating a beautiful item of diamond jewellery, Jessica McCormack might be inspired by any number of many diverse stimuli, from the popular game of the 1980s, Tetris, to the night silhouette of Manhattan skyscrapers. As a rule of thumb, Jessica’s starting point in each design is the gemstone itself, and extravagant engagement rings are no exception. The designer intuited the “character” of each diamond in size from two to ten carats and displayed it using the appropriate frames – take a closer look at them below. 

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