Jewellery Theatre Amaryllis Set – The Star Of The Flower Collection

Jewellery Theatre, the one-of-a-kind Jewellery House, arrived on the scene in 1998, and over its 17 year lifespan it has evolved from an elite private studio into a world famous jewellery brand. Their work, exclusive, enchanting, extravagant, reminds you of the beauty of the theatre. I recently paid a visit to the brand’s flagship boutique on London’s Bond Street where I went “backstage” at the Jewellery Theatre and discovered a unique set of jewellery which I am simply dying to tell you about.

What would a theatre performance be without flowers? The Flowers collection is literally packed with the rarest specimens: in the boutique they showed me an orchid with yellow diamonds and a poppy with tourmalines, along with plenty of other gemstone flower designs, but my favourite had to be the incomparable Amaryllis set. And, as it turns out, it was this flower, the flower of heroes, love and passion, that first inspired the designers of the Jewellery Theatre to create the whole flower collection.

Jewellery Theatre Amaryllis Set

I feel it is clear from first glance that the key design choice behind the set was the use of brightly coloured gemstones. By a stroke of good fortune, the gemstone buyer at Jewellery Theatre managed to find a unique crop of spectacular Burmese rubies, with the finest colour grading, “pigeon blood”, and a total combined weight of more than 90 carats. I cannot stress enough that it is a true rarity that so many rubies are matched in colour and tone! Rich in their hue, red gems call to mind perfectly the scarlet petals of the wild amaryllis, a flower which the designers first laid eyes on while on a vacation in South Africa and chose to adopt it into their work.

It took a total of six months to come up with a design that was worthy of these stones. The artists of Jewellery Theatre had no desire to split the gems up and use them in different pieces, so creating a ruby set seemed like the obvious solution.

Once they had come up with a design, work continued in earnest for an entire year as the designers constructed the complete parure, comprised of a necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings. Every single multi-coloured diamond, ruby and sapphire you can see surrounding the central stones went through the thorough selection process and was attached by hand in the micro-fine pavé style favoured by the Jewellery Theatre.

Jewellery Theatre Amaryllis Set

In order to add a theatrical twist, the jewellery was designed in such a way that the bracelet can be attached to the back of the necklace, meaning it can be worn as a back ornament as well. This feature is a defining trait of all of Jewellery Theatre’s work – both the effectiveness and the productivity of the jewellery receive the greatest care and attention when it comes to their design.

The necklace is designed in such a way that it sits on your collarbones and creates the impression of winding gracefully around your neck, all the while taking comfort into account. In spite of the earrings’ large size, they do not feel heavy in the slightest because the designers have taken great care in working out the weight. I also feel that even though it is very rare and valuable, the Amaryllis set is by no means too fancy for everyday wear. Why not try just one earring if you want to look really stylish and on trend? Solo earrings are very in right now!

I am sure you will agree that this work from Jewellery Theatre deserves not just a huge round of applause, but an encore as well!

Jewellery Theatre Amaryllis Set

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