London Fashion Week Jewellery Highlights: RUIFIER, Zoe & Morgan, Ornella Iannuzzi

Special thanks to KemM, who took all of these photos

Spotted photographing new RUIFIER pendants :)

Ruifier Pendants

These two pendants are a part of the upcoming new fine jewellery collection by RUIFIER. What I like the most about it is a diamond or some gemstone twinkling in the centre of the pendants. You can see the video on my Instagram

Katerina wearing a Ruifier pendant

Pink sapphires and a green tourmaline set in rose gold…How pretty!

Zoe and Morgan necklace

Now, this is what I call a statement necklace! Created by Zoe & Morgan, the family jewellers who find inspiration in never-ending journeys around the world

Zoe & Morgan

Zoe & Morgan vermeil crocodile ring and earrings…They also tattooed my finger! Not permanently though

Ornella Iannuzzi exceptionnelle

An exceptional piece of jewellery from Les Exceptionnelles collection by Ornella Iannuzzi – vermeil with rough emeralds

Ornella Iannuzzi Corallines

And here are the coral inspired pendants with pearls that belong to Ornella’s signature collections Les Corallines

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