Burst of Energy: Introducing the Spiritual Jewels of Charlotte Reedtz

Guided by an innate spiritualism and understanding of energies, Danish-born jewellery designer Charlotte Grierson of Charlotte Reedtz Jewellery creates dynamic cocktail rings imbued with meaningful gemstones in vibrant shades. Here, I speak to Grierson about her interest in the ancient practice of dowsing, her approach to fine jewellery creation, and her passion for the crystal healing powers of gems.

I could spend many hours discussing the unique energy frequencies of different gemstones with Charlotte Grierson. I also believe that gemstones have properties that go beyond the realms of purely scientific understanding, so we have something in common. Crucially, this was the starting point for her brand Charlotte Reedtz Jewellery, which was born from the desire to match people with pieces aligned with their energetic needs. These creations are also beautiful, colourful and comfortable cocktail rings, so that’s an added advantage! 

Danish-born jewellery designer Charlotte Grierson of Charlotte Reedtz Jewellery

Charlotte was born in Denmark, where she discovered a personal fascination with natural elements and spiritualism from an early age. Her mother is a kinesiologist, healer and advocate of natural therapies, which provided an “insight into a more spiritual world and a belief that there is more between heaven and Earth than what meets the eye”. Although she went on to achieve great things in her career at big companies like L’Oréal and Estee Lauder Group in Paris, New York, and London, Grierson nurtured her passion by attending spiritual courses at The College of Psychic Studies and developed a special interest in dowsing. With time, she was empowered to tap into the energy that’s all around us, work with it, and now use this talent to ‘match’ bespoke clients with the gemstones they not only like but would benefit from in their lives. Her signature style is evocative of her Danish roots – paired-back, sleek, cool and timeless – but the colours she uses are bold and candy-like, especially when cabochons are combined with haloes of contrasting coloured gems in her signature Magic Wish rings.

She says: “The essence of Charlotte Reedtz Jewellery is my wish to help bring the right energy to those wearing it. Every piece, be it big and bold or more discrete, has a deeper meaning. You may be led to buy one of these creations because of the design, the colours, what it evokes for you, and how it makes you feel. You may be drawn to it for reasons you don’t realise. I work energetically on every piece of jewellery, and each comes with a story, an intention, and a unique energy. The one you choose will be right for you or the person you are getting a gift for. A special connection, for unique purposes.”

Here, I’d like to share with you some of the highlights of my conversation with Grierson about her brand and the way she channelled her love of spiritualism into something different and engaging for jewellery lovers, whether they believe in the power of crystals or not.

Katerina Perez models a trio of Magic Wish cocktail rings by Charlotte Reedtz Jewellery

Katerina Perez: What do you believe sets your brand apart? 

Charlotte Grierson: I’m very open to spirituality and everything this ‘world’ has to offer, from alternative medicines to empowering your life. I wanted to combine this with the power of stones and their energy. However, being from Denmark and growing up with high-quality, functional and beautiful design, I wanted to combine my love of these three elements: gemstones, high-end quality and spirituality.

Looking into the market, there aren’t many brands positioned this way. Sure, there are some, but the market is much more crowded in the lower end, where you can buy crystals set in a leather string or silver. If you’re looking for something spiritual and beautifully made, the offering becomes smaller. That said, I’m working on behalf of the stones - to get their energy married to the right person, so they can start doing their magic. My USP is all about the deeper meaning behind each stone: empowering women to be the best they can be. The stones will always work for the highest good and help balance out the frequencies or energy in our body for the better, allowing energy to flow more freely. This also means it will help rid the wearer of energies they no longer need and increase the flow of energies they need more of.

Charlotte Reedtz Jewellery Magic Wish rings with translucent and opaque gemstone cabochons

KP: Your rings have a very powerful and dynamic shape. What made you choose this design? 

CG: I have always been in love with the cushion shape. I think it has the best of both worlds… it’s square but not hard, with rounded corners and a clear structure. And I love stars for the hope and guidance they represent. I wanted my rings to be timeless, so if you take your ring off and leave it in a drawer for five years, it will be equally beautiful. I wanted it to be modern but not a fashion statement or riding a current trend. Each item is thought through meticulously, and no corners are cut. No gold is engineered out to bring the price down, so the rings have weight to them. Each ring is set with a ‘heaven’ of stars under the main stone. If the stone is transparent, you can see the stars shine through. Whether the stones are transparent, translucent or opaque, these stars are a reminder that something bigger than us is always there to help and guide us.

Katerina Perez wears multi-coloured Magic Wish rings by Charlotte Reedtz Jewellery

The halo of stones does two primary things. Firstly, it adds to the centre stone, making it more fun with a contrasting colour or adding depth with a complementary colour or diamonds. Whatever the colour, the halo also adds to the energy. For example, diamonds amplify the power of the centre stone. Blue sapphires, coloured sapphires, emeralds or tsavorites have their own properties, and the colour also has a meaning. For example, green is the colour of the heart chakra.

KP: Why do you think you find yourself drawn to cabochons in particular?

CG: My grandmother had a bracelet with different coloured moonstones, all with cabochon cuts. I love that bracelet! Honestly, big stones have a special magnetic attraction. I choose each of the stones I use, often from uncut material, which then gets cut into the shape I need. This process is like taking unpolished beauties and making them the best they can be. Seeing a crystal turning into a beautiful cabochon waiting for its new owner is always exciting!

Katerina Perez wears Charlotte Reedtz Jewellery Magic Wish rings with vibrant gemstone cabochons and haloes

KP: How do you marry your personal belief in the energy and powers of gemstones with the private clients you work with? 

CG: I offer crystal consultations for private clients, where I tune into their energy and find the exact right gem or gems for them. We then work on the jewellery together, choose the halo in terms of colour and type of stone and get it set in the type of gold the client prefers. It’s a very personal journey and often comes with messages. When I receive the final piece, I will cleanse it energetically and set it with an intention for the new owner. The stone often brings a personal message, which I’ll write down.

Charlotte Reedtz Jewellery Magic Wish ring in 18k yellow gold with a peridot cabochon and diamond halo

Essentially each stone species comes with a set of properties and energy, but each individual stone also has a message. You can buy my jewellery just because you love the look and beauty of it. But I would love the story each stone comes with to bring a smile to the wearer’s face every time they look at it. A smile is an energy that will plant itself positively in your body, and the magic can begin…

KP: What are your plans for the future of your brand? Are there any new collections on the horizon?


CG: My ambition is to grow the business in the UK and internationally. It’s important to love what you do; working with stones daily, being creative and working with lovely people makes me smile. In the future, my rings will evolve. Clients want the same shape but smaller to fit a pinkie, for example. The halo, which really represents the aura, will also develop and I’ll be developing the range to include more earrings and necklaces. More to come soon!

Charlotte Reedtz Jewellery Magic Wish ring in 18k yellow gold with a pink opal cabochon and orange sapphire halo

I am told that this next generation of Charlotte Reedtz rings will have a centre stone surrounded by two rings of colourful and contrasting gemstone haloes – I am sure, like me, you can’t wait to see the results. Whether you’re a believer or not, there’s no doubt that Charlotte Grierson creates striking jewellery that’s filled with positivity. And who doesn’t want their day to be filled with good vibes?

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