Majestic Escapes: Harry Winston’s Bejewelled Getaway for the Senses

From the fuschia-coloured blooming Bougainvillaea flowers along the Amalfi coast to the turquoise blue waters off the island of Fiji, Majestic Escapes tells a story of travel through the use of vibrant gemstones and boundary-pushing craftsmanship. An ode to Harry Winston’s long-standing belief that the boundless beauty of nature is an endless source of inspiration for high jewellery, each of the eight suites features a myriad of precious gems, accented with diamonds to play with light, symmetry and contrast. Let’s take a trip to each of these fabulous places, and see how these jewels bring to life the energy and beauty of some of the world's most stunning destinations.

Harry Winston tsavorite, diamond and white gold Rainforest necklace from the Majestic Escapes High Jewellery collection

SANTORINI – Shades of Blue

We begin our global Harry Winston voyage along the coast of the Southern Aegean sea, in Greece. A beloved summer destination by locals and international sun-seekers, the cobbled streets of Santorini have some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe. The Santorini -Shades of Blue jewellery set takes its inspiration from the blue dome-topped churches of this quaint and idyllic Grecian village. Comprising a high jewellery necklace and a pair of drop earrings, these pieces are crafted with white gold, diamonds, sapphires and aquamarines.

AMALFI COAST – Bougainvillea

Moving west along the Mediterranean sea, the Harry Winston Amalfi Coast - Bougainvillea high jewellery set reimagines this beautiful town, where sparkling blue waters meet fragrant fuchsia-coloured flowers. Reimagined through lush pink rubellites, sea blue Paraibas, warm summer turquoise and diamonds, the necklace and drop earrings of this set bring the sea and shorelines together. Octagonal step-cut rubellites are arranged to mimic the beautiful pink petals of the local Bougainvillea flowers and the blue gems capture the sparkling sea below. The necklace features an impressive 19.27ct rubellite, one of the 48 featured in this single necklace. Together, their total weight is 144.14 carats.

Making of Harry Winston rubellite, turquoise, diamond and white gold Amalfi necklace from the Majestic Escapes High Jewellery collection

OKINAWA – Paradise Harbour

The Okinawa - Paradise Harbour necklace is an extremely special piece in the Harry Winston Majestic Escapes collection as it is the only piece to feature pearls. Rendered in beaded turquoise, pearls, pink sapphire accents and diamonds, this classic Winston-style necklace recalls the sunrise over Okinawa, as the pinkish hues of the rising sun appear over the horizon, causing purple and pink shades of light to dance across the water’s surface. The presence of pearl in this necklace is a homage to the importance that Japan plays in the history and distribution of pearls throughout the world.

ST. BARTS – Island Waters

We then set sail through a sea of blue and green gems and diamonds to the Caribbeans’ most iconic destination. The St. Barts - Island Waters necklace creates an aerial view of the island's shoreline, through an ombré effect of indicolite tourmaline, blue Paraiba, green Paraiba, mint tourmaline and green tourmaline. Each of these gems is surrounded by a cluster of diamonds to further accentuate their tonal shades. The soothing colours evoke the calming tranquillity of the Caribbean waters, whilst their pear shape allows them to ‘float’ against the wearer’s neckline.

Rendering of Harry Winston Paraiba tourmaline, diamond and white gold St Barts necklace from the Majestic Escapes High Jewellery collection

FIJI – Turquoise Waters        

The element of water is a key design symbol in the rendering of the Fiji - Turquoise Waters suite. Rows of cabochon turquoise are interspersed with diamonds and sapphires to create a high jewellery necklace and earrings that mimic the vibrant blue waters and white sand beaches of this exotic destination. The necklace is a feat of design genius. The wide-style setting of the stones allows for the necklace to maintain a uniform shape when worn, meaning that no matter the neckline of the wearer or the movement, it will stay in its intended shape.


Moving from water to land, the Rainforest suite of jewels celebrates the vegetation of the rainforest through a careful selection of green gems. This parure of earrings, a necklace and a ring is created by combining emerald-cut tsavourites in varying shades of green with diamonds to symbolise rays of sunshine peeking through vast Rainforest canopies.


Harry Winston tsavorite, diamond and white gold Rainforest necklace from the Majestic Escapes High Jewellery collection

GRAND CANYON – Colours of Sunset

Created from purplish-pink sapphires and orange spessartites, these gems are set along pear-shaped diamonds to recall the beauty of the Grand Canyon - a protected natural landmark - as the sun sets over its reddish-brown craters and ridges. The highlight of the piece is perhaps the three-stone pendant portion of the necklace, which beautifully displays the three gems which are the building blocks of the entire suite.


Last but certainly not least. The colourful and exotic gardens of Marrakesh are present in the design of the Le Jardin high jewellery necklace. Inspired by the rich variety of plants and flowers found in Marrakesh, fashioned out of sapphires, aquamarines, tsavorites, and diamonds, the multi-strand necklace shows off a variety of fancy-cut gems. Alongside their varied hues, the gemstones create a Moroccan tapestry that expresses the complexity and beauty of the gardens that inspired it.

After such a vivid and magical journey around the world through exceptional gemstones and designs, we cannot wait to see what Harry Winston will bring us next! The House is set to release a new high jewellery collection early next year. Will it be another series of travel adventures, or something completely new? We will just have to wait and see!

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