How To Look After A Diamond Ring

Diamond rings, especially engagement rings, are pieces that are most often seen sparkling on the fingers of females. Diamonds are the toughest stones and that’s one of the reasons why they aren’t always properly looked after. Seeing as a clean diamond will always look stronger than an equivalent specimen that is completely tarnished, it’s worth considering: how do you clean a diamond ring to make it shine with a revitalised vigour?

Perhaps the simplest way to do it is to give it to a jeweller to clean in an “ultrasonic bath” applying special cleaning solutions. As a matter of course, a jeweller would also polish the stone and check whether it was still properly fixed in its setting. But this approach isn’t always appropriate since it subjects diamonds to the potentially negative effects of multiple vibrations in the process. If the clarity of the diamond is less than group 8 (or I according to the American system; less than group 6 if it’s a small diamond), then the stone is very likely to have a crack in it which would only get bigger with the vibrations.

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An ultrasonic bath is also advised against if the ring has a central diamond surrounded by a handful of small stones or they are fixed to the shank. The reasoning is the same: the vibrations could dislodge the stones and even cause them to fall off.

So as to avoid always turning to a jeweller, there is a cleaning procedure that can be done at home. Remove any oily stains (diamonds get covered in it!) by placing the diamond ring in hot water with a bit of washing up liquid and using a soft tooth brush.

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I still remember going into Tiffany&Co many years ago where they just popped my ring in a bath of warm water with Fairy liquid and it sparkled as if it were brand new! To remove any oils from the surface of a diamond, you can also give it a wipe with ethanol. What’s more, it’s important to scrub not just the visible surface of the ring but also the sections that are right next to the ring’s frame and under the stone (if you can get to it).

To ensure that you don’t have to resort to endless cleaning procedures, it’s definitely worth remembering that there are certain rules you should follow to look after your diamond jewellery:

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1. Don’t keep all your diamond jewellery together in one place. Despite the robustness of the stones, they can scratch each other.

2. Clean your diamond jewellery on a regular basis as any dirt that manages to seep under a fixing could displace a stone.

3. Remove the jewellery when you take a shower or wash your hands. Damp is deadly to diamonds.

4. Never wash the dishes wearing your engagement ring. Dirt will undoubtedly collect around the diamond and it’ll get covered by a layer of oil.

5. Take off your jewellery when applying creams. If think you understand by now why you should.

With that, may your love be as everlasting as your diamonds!

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