Karl Lagerfeld Launches His First Collection of Bridal Jewellery

Karl Lagerfeld is renowned as a fashion genius. He is not only the most famous but also the most indefatigable designer in the world: besides his own clothing fashion label Karl Lagerfeld, he oversees the creative direction of the Houses of Chanel and Fendi, he owns the Parisian book shop 7L, manages a publishing house and works as a photographer in the fashion industry. It would seem that this was enough to satisfy someone’s internal creative energies…But no! Now Karl has also ventured into the field of designing bidal jewellery, which was debuted at this year’s JCK show in Las Vegas.

The extensive collection includes 33 models of engagement and wedding rings with diamonds set in white and yellow gold, and also platinum. All the pieces are split between three key lines, which are defined more by their principal design elements than their names, which have been simplified to “Collection 1”, “Collection 2” and “Collection 3”. The wedding pieces have been executed in the very best traditions of Lagerfeld, and there is no element of ostentation or pretentiousness. Karl has removed all superfluity from the design and shunned large diamonds. Instead he has carefully thought every line and curve in the metal which is completed with a scattering of colourless stones and medium-sized diamonds of various cuts.

The desire to create not flashy, but interestingly designed jewellery led to the creation of separate lines that are supported by different creative ideas. The first of these includes jewellery with Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic motif – the pyramid, which adorns the packaging of his perfume, various accessories and watches developed for Fossil. Now this decorative element is reflected in the art of jewellery and covers the entire circumference of the rings’ shanks. Light is reflected in the protruding edges of miniature pyramids creating a play of light, emphasising the beauty of the central diamond.

Karl Lagerfeld

Not every couple is looking for romantic and delicate jewellery for the most important event of their lives, therefore Lagerfeld’s second sub – collection has been made with an accent on simple geometry and often angular design. The most memorable ring was one with a pear-shaped diamond at the centre of an elongated pentagon, surround by miniature stones. It was supplemented with an additional strip of diamonds in the form of a letter V. The two elements together formed a daring design in the rock-and-roll style.

France, and, in particular, Paris is endowed with stunning architecture which has inspired the creations of many a jeweller. Is it any wonder that the third and final collection is dedicated to the richness of the buildings and structures in the country Karl Lagerfeld calls home. Engagement rings in this line resemble miniature feats of architecture, the design of which is constructed so as to “open” the central diamond to the maximum, not only from above, but also from each side.

After the release of his collection Karl Lagerfeld admitted to Vogue magazine that he found it hard working on the pieces as he had never engaged in jewellery design before. As a result, he created that which “has to be a symbol and a sign of a real wish of engagement. It has to be elegant but not bling-bling”. Karl Lagerfeld’s jewellery will be sold from September 2016 in America, Canada, Australia and Great Britain. They all have a fairly affordable price tag which ranges from one to ten thousand dollars.

Karl Lagerfeld

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