Harry Winston Debuts The Sparkling Cluster Collection

The House of Harry Winston presents Sparking Cluster – an incredible new collection that once again reminds us of Mr Winston’s desire to make glittering celebrations even brighter with magnificent diamonds. Harry Winston first debuted its magnificent jewellery at a charity gala concert in 1947, where it demonstrated its generous nature and desire to be an active participant in public life. Ever since the jewellery of Harry Winston, with its brilliance and shine, has illuminated the most anticipated events of the year.

Official receptions, red carpets, engagements, wedding or any other significant life event – for more than 80 years the outstanding design of the jewellery house has been the precious counterpart to treasured memories and exciting moments. For many customers Harry Winston jewellery has become a part of not only society events, but also family celebrations. With the Sparking Cluster collection, the House of Harry Winston plays tribute to this heritage through a series of charming pieces of jewellery, envisaged as the perfect complement to the most striking events. The Sparking Cluster collection has been made in the best traditions of the House of Harry Winston, since it includes items resembling clusters of different sized diamonds – a design which features in many of the firm’s pieces of jewellery.

The Sparking Cluster line brings together a ring with 12 diamonds weighing 2.35 carats, earrings with 20 diamonds weighing 4.26 carats, a bracelet with 59 diamonds weighing 10.19 carats, a pendant with 11 diamonds and a necklace with 151 diamonds weighing 15.39 carats. This series is simultaneously elegant but, it can also be said that the jewellery, which is modest by the standards of Harry Winston, would suit any kind of festive occasion. Colourless round and pear-shaped diamonds, combined in moving, fluid patterns seemingly float on the owner and shine with an incomparable brilliance. When creating these jewellery forms, the company’s designers paid tribute to past traditions but at the same time managed to interweave modern trends. Take a look at the ear climbers: the diamonds subtly copy the form of the ear, rising upwards along the lobe – this is a true embodiment of a modern classic. It’s not long now before the collection will be available in Harry Winston showrooms around the world and not long before it becomes a part of someone’s happiest moments.

The Sparkling Cluster Collection by Harry Winston

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