Mini Atomo Collection By Marina B: Fusion Of Past And Present

One of the biggest challenges that confront jewellers is the creation of a core collection – a collection that would look great on any woman and be timeless. When Giorgio Bulgari, the recently appointed Creative Director of Marina B, began working on a new Mini Atomo jewellery line, he was well aware of the challenges in store for him. He decided not to “invent the wheel.” Instead, Giorgio based his design idea on what the brand’s founder Marina Bulgari (who is also his aunt) had come up with earlier. He breathed new life into her aesthetics.

As a result of the union between the past and the present, a new Mini Atomo collection was born. It includes five key pieces crafted in 18K yellow gold – a pair of earrings, sautoir, ring, bracelet and pendant. The design is built around a cluster of atoms, which was an interpretation of Marina’s sketches. She liked playing with beads and so put them together in various compositions, which eventually prompted a jewellery design.

The first piece from the Atomo collection was released in 1989. Now, 20 years later, having studies the archives of design, Giorgio Bulgari decided to unleash the potential of Marina’s jewellery ideas. His version of the jewellery line is more “lightweight.” Giorgio reduce the size of the gold spheres, gathered them together in bundles and connected them with chains on sautoirs. Thus, all the pieces turned out to be more delicate and wearable everyday. Now you know why Giorgio chose the name Mini Atomo for this collection.

Though this is the first collection, created under Giorgio, he is determined to bring back the brand’s recognition. And in order to translate this vision into a success story, Giorgio plans to reinterpret Marina B’s archives, revive the glamour inherent in their jewellery and re-awaken the irresistible desire to possess them.

Images and the jewellery drawing are courtesy of Marina B

Mini Atomo Collection By Marina B

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