Mediterranean Garden by Piaget: Nostalgia for the French Riviera

At the Paris Antiques Biennale in 2014 the Swiss jewellery and watch brand Piaget unveiled their new collection, Extremely Piaget. The pieces were created in two stylistic directions closely linked to the House: jewellery with marquise-cut diamonds (Extremely Sparkling) and gold jewellery, sometimes featuring chains (Extremely Colourful). Could there still be anything left to add to such a luxuriant collection of 125 pieces? The Piaget designers have not given up striving for success and have begun developing the theme even further. Thus a new line is born: Mediterranean Garden.

If you read my interview with the Jewellery Marketing Director of Piaget, Jacques Forrot, then you will probably recall that the idea behind the latest collection was to recreate the spirit of freedom of the 60s and 70s. That was the time when the brand was at the peak of its development, especially in terms of cementing their stylistic direction. It was then that they made the excellent decision to design the marquise-cut stone jewellery, for which the House is renowned, and which is still featured in much of Piaget’s jewellery today, including Mediterranean Garden. In a few of them, such as the emerald or pearl earrings, the marquise-cut diamonds are a key part of the design. In others, such as the palm necklace, they play a supporting role, adding to the whole ensemble.

Mediterranean Garden by Piaget

You could say that by using marquise diamonds in their jewellery design, Piaget are making life hard for themselves: the inclusions and colour of such stones are significantly more prominent than in other diamond shapes. Not to mention the fact that if you want your diamonds to have the maximum possible sparkle they need to be cut symmetrically. This explains why Piaget’s gemmologists are constantly on the hunt for the best possible diamonds, sometimes searching for more than six months.

In the Mediterranean Garden collection you will also see jewellery with roses, which are the signature flowers of the brand. They represent Yves Piaget’s relentless passion for the Queen of Flowers. Also growing in this imaginary Mediterranean Garden are luxurious palm trees made from diamonds, emeralds and Paraiba tourmalines. These stones come together in harmony in a necklace and long earring set.

Mediterranean Garden by Piaget

It seems that the Piaget designers have imagined a garden in the finest traditions of the French Riviera, which runs along the south coast. In order to create the effect of the glimmering surface of the sea, every possible stone across the spectrum of blue and green have been used in the collection: aquamarines, sapphires, Paraiba tourmalines and black opals with multi-coloured flecks. As we sway on the warm swell we absent-mindedly turn our gaze towards the sun, a likeness of which has been created in the form of a spessartite, yellow beryl, sapphire and diamond brooch.

Piaget did not just create their collection for lovers of classic jewellery but for people who appreciate more bold design too, so the brand’s designers have added a couple of pieces of fashion jewellery to the Mediterranean Garden, for example, the ear cuffs with emeralds and aquamarines worn by Scarlett Johansson at this year’s Oscars and a double ring with diamond roses and multi-coloured spinels.

Inspired by the verdant gardens of the Riviera, Piaget’s Mediterranean Garden collection wins you over with the magical outlines of its gemstones, the perfectly textured gold and the superb execution of its concept.

Mediterranean Garden by Piaget

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