New Additions to Cartier Amulette Collection

In April 2014 the legendary jewellery house of Cartier presented a new jewellery collection with an intriguing title ‘Amulette de Cartier’.

At all times the word ‘amulet’ was used to describe subjects that possess magical powers, have an ability to empower and safeguard against any losses or mishaps. The French jewellery Maison Cartier presented its own vision of the mysterious adornment filled with deep meaning.

The initial collection included precious jewels that comprised of 11 various pendants and 4 bracelets. However, they all shared certain design features that included a thin chain and an amulet itself shaped like a disk. Although the appearance of the jewels is  quite simple, they have a secret element – a lock that connects the amulet with the chain. Before locking the jewel on your neck or wrist make a wish – and it will surely be granted! Until recently, the Amulette collection was available only in white, yellow and rose gold with black onyx, diamonds, rubies and pearls. The monochrome colour combination made the jewellery look very striking. With the arrival of spring the Jewellery Maison pleased its devoted fans with burst of bright colours. The Amulette collection was enriched with new gems and hues like dark green malachite, light green chrysoprase, blue lapis lazuli, red cornelian and pink opal. Now it would be hard to resist treating ourselves to a very special Cartier Amulette jewel!

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