Ruifier – The Ultimate Industrial Chic Brand

Having visited the recent breakfast event of  the recently established English brand Ruifier, I really got a feel of “less is more” jewellery. The precision of the straight lines in their designs, accurate to the millimetre and lightly punctuated with clusters of diamonds, make for geometric compositions of ideal proportion. So simple yet so perfect are these pieces that they need no additional details. They need only be wondered at for their smoothly polished silver and golden surfaces, which can be found on the rings, bracelets, and earrings alike.

Today, Ruifier presented two core collections: The Kinetic and The Icon. The essential elements of the more sophisticated Kinetic Collection include whole Platonic solids – i.e. regular convex polyhedron shapes – which have been split in half and have semi-precious stones fixed on the inside following the use of a special method. The composition is such that a stone in its setting rhythmically sways in time to your own movements and, in the words of the designers at Ruifier, glitters all the more intensely than when it is static. After seeing some of these pieces in the flesh, I can say with confidence you that this is exactly what happens.

Incidentally, I’m interested to know whether you can guess what exactly inspired Ruifier’s team of designers to create their Kinetic Collection?… We’ve all at least once succumbed to the spell cast by a bewitching night sky as we gaze up at the glistening stars. You just can’t take your eyes of them. It was no different for the designers at Ruifier who, charmed by the stars themselves, took those glimmers of light from the sky and put them into their creations so that you can also gaze at them whenever you like.

To come back down to earth from the heavens, we can turn to the more industrial chic qualities of the Icon Collection. Every design has the letter R weaved into it as Ruifier’s symbol. I’m not sure what I like more: the futuristic pendants, the minimalist rings, or the statement chain bracelets. Now all I want to know is what’s your favourite piece?

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