Valentine’s Day Special: Not just another heart jewel

No one would probably argue with the fact that the most common symbol of love is, in fact, the heart. Undoubtedly, on Valentine’s Day most of you will be surrounded by hearts let them be greeting card decorations, delicious chocolates, cute trinkets or… stunning jewels.

If you are looking for heart-shaped bejewelled gifts, you will most likely have the widest selection at Tiffany & Co. The American brand has a vast collection of various heart-shaped jewellery: silver bracelets with charms, yellow gold necklaces, heart shaped diamond earrings and diamond studded platinum pendants. It may seem that going to one of the legendary jewellers is a guarantee that you will find the  perfect gift for a woman with the most exquisite taste in jewellery. You certainly will find that perfect piece, especially if she loves traditional heart designs. However, not every woman may wish to wear a jewel with a perfectly shaped heart motif. So, if you think she may want something unusual, perhaps a modern interpretation of the heart motif, I suggest you go and see the designers and brands featured below.

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